What do you consider to be the most effective pedagogic principles for teaching in your subject area today”


This essay (and supporting evidence from the Patches as necessary) will be used to decide on your final summative grade for the SDQ017 Curriculum Studies module

Synoptic essay guidance: Science

A 2000-word essay which brings together the knowledge that you have learnt about teaching Science over the year plus is a summary of what you have learnt through doing the Patches and PIP sessions.

There are two parts to this essay: -

  1. What are the defining characteristics of your subject? You should refer to the Teaching Standards, Science National Curriculum, Science GCSE syllabuses and EEF/DfE guidance which have been referred to during the course.  Also, you must include links to Children’s Rights.
  2. Following from this: - How has the learning from your research / literature / assignments / lectures / lessons impacted on your own classroom experience in implementing effective Science pedagogy? What was important? This is a chance for you to outline your own ideas but must be supported by reference to literature and wherever possible your own experience. You are also able to use pictures of work by pupils that you have collected in Pebblepad if you want to but only if it is relevant to the point being made.

The layout of the essay should be something along the following lines. This is just for guidance. You do not need to follow it exactly.

200 words


This sets the scene for this essay, clarifying why the question is important and gives an idea of how you are going to tackle the question. You may use ‘I’ and you could give pointers as to what is to come in general terms.

State how you will structure the essay. Look back on the academic writing support session for Academic Writing
600 words

First part which addresses question 1 above. It should consist of a few paragraphs of one point each with evidence from literature. If you are writing from experience you should look for a reference from the literature to support the argument you are making.

Consider the statutory framework of the Science National Curriculum and the teaching standards.Include specific reference to UNC Children’s Rights.

Use material from literature presentations (Patch 2) and possibly your Patch 6. You may also have useful references from other patches e.g. Patch 4. Do not forget the National Curriculum at all key stages, but particularly KS3 & 4. There is a lot of research available.Specific use of UNCRC articles
1100 words Second part which addresses 2 aboveIt should consist of several paragraphs of one point each with evidence from research or experience and reasons why they underpin effective practice. You may include points from the following:
  1. The links between the pedagogical principles you have identified and the general learning theories. Consider the importance of these principles when considering the nature of Science subject knowledge, and how this leads to teaching approaches. Discuss how these theories have been reflected in your own lessons.
  2. The links between the pedagogical principles you have identified and the Teaching Standards. Particularly focus on students’ progress and how planning and assessment are an integral part of this process.
  3. The links between the pedagogical principles you have identified and classroom management/behaviour. You should consider how the principles can be used to develop a repertoire of teaching and learning approaches (research/school policy/own strategies)
  4. Working collaboratively and professionally. 
There may be other areas that you want to include from reading, discussion or reflection. 
Use material from curriculum sessions and: Patches 2 and 4, 6Patch 6Pupil Progress Tabs Patch 3 Patch 5/your use of feedback/extra-curricular work 
100 words


This should be a summary of what you have discussed in the essay, linking it to the introduction and giving pointers for further investigation


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