Using this case study, assess Ola Adeyemi’s care needs, devising a care plan which will support him and help him to achieve his goals.



 Meeting the Needs of Service Users 

Assignment Brief

As part of the formal assessment for the programme you are required to submit a Meeting the Needs of Service Users assignment. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the module, you should be able to:

1.Assess care needs and formulate desirable and achievable goals and provide a rationale for the structures and systems which support this practice.

2.Explore own skills in assessment of needs, relating these to relevant theory.

3.Reflect on individual role in the implementation of care to meet the needs of service users.

4.Demonstrate the ability to communicate good practice to others.

Professional Skills

Perform effectively within the professional environment. Work within a team, demonstrating interpersonal skills such as effective listening, negotiating, persuading and presentation. Be flexible and adaptable to changes within the professional environment.

Maximum word count: 3,000 words

Please note that exceeding the word count by over 10% will result in a reduction in grade by the same percentage that the word count is exceeded. 

You must not include your name in your submission because Arden University operates anonymous marking, which means that markers should not be aware of the identity of the student. However, please do not forget to include your STU number.


Assignment Task


Case Study:

Ola Adeyemi is a thirty-year-old man with Down’s syndrome who has lived in Wembley with his parents all his life. Olu and Kemi Adeyemi have supported their son throughout his life and have done many things for him including some activities of daily living, such as, dressing him. Ola has never learnt to prepare and cook food, use public transport or had a job although he attended school until the age of 18. Olu and Kemi Adeyemi are both very frail now and are struggling to support themselves or maintain their previous support for Ola.

You have been asked as a social worker to assess Ola’s needs and begin to formulate desirable and achievable goals to assist Ola to make a move from home into potentially more independent living arrangements in keeping with what Ola would like to achieve in his life.  

Question 1

Using this case study, assess Ola Adeyemi’s care needs, devising a care plan which will support him and help him to achieve his goals. Make sure that you explore your own skills in this and include theories to support the models and frameworks you are using justifying your use of them. In your writing ensure you clearly communicate areas of good practice which you, as the social worker and the rest of the multi-disciplinary team should deliver.

 (2,500 words)

(80 marks)

(LOs: 1, 2 and 4 Professional skills)

 Question 2

 Using a model to reflect on your practice, evaluate your role in devising and implementing care to meet Ola Adeyemi’s needs. What have you learnt about devising and delivering care which supports service users?

 (500 words)

(20 marks)

(LOs: 3)


End of questions


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