Understand development from conception to birth

Assignment Title:

APH 12: Human development and healthcare needs through the lifespan

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand development from conception to birth
  2. Understand human growth and development across the lifespan
  3. Understand health inequalities
  4. Understand how health and social care services meet the needs of individuals through the lifespan
  5. Understand current issues in public health

Assessment Requirements:

  1. Summarise key stages of development from conception to birth.
  2. Analyse one (1) potential effect on development
  3. Describe significant features of holistic development at each life stage of human development:
  4. Explain the nature/nurture debate in relation to human growth and development.
  5. Compare and contrast two (2) theories of human growth and development.
  6. Use examples to analyse health inequalities individuals may face.
  7. Consider differences in health status and health access for individuals in relation to healthcare.
  8. Critically analyse the impact of social determinants to an individual’s health and well-being.
  9. Summarise typical healthcare needs of individuals at conception and each life stage.
  10. Explain how health and social care services meet the healthcare needs of individuals through the life stages. Examples may be used in the response.
  11. Use examples to describe how health and social care services are accessed.
  12. Outline two (2) current public health issues.
  13. Analyse the role of health promotion within public health.
  14. Critically evaluate own practice against the aims and intentions of one (1) current public health campaign.

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