The learning outcomes of the module are:

LO1. Analytically evaluate the impact of external factors on strategic positioning of an organisation within an industry with particular emphasis on dynamic global business environments.

LO2. Critically apply a range of theories, frameworks, techniques and perspectives to analyse strategic issues in organisations.

LO3. Develop and evaluate strategic options and make strategic decisions.

LO4. Critically analyse the nature of strategic paradoxes and tensions which influence strategic decision-making in an organisational setting and make informed business decisions.

LO5. Reflect on strategic decision-making process and performance in a simulated business context.

Assessment 1 is designed to test your learning against the learning outcomes 1-3. The coursework tests all aspects of the module content in Trimester 2, Year 1. You are expected to draw on the learning from the module content and your own research from relevant sources.

The assignment - Individual Management Report (2,000±10% words)

You need to complete a strategic analysis on an organisation. You can choose any one of the following organisations for your analysis: Tesco, Huawei, Spotify, Centrica or Next. You should make use of appropriate concepts, theories and frameworks, and provide clear justification for their use. The following represents the different elements you will need to consider in this assignment:

  1. Identify a key external factor impacting on your organisation’s strategic positioning – Undertake a critical analysis of the macro environment and the relevant industry and consider implications for your chosen organisation. You need to identify and justify a key issue facing the organisation. (This section of the report should not exceed 750±10% words)
  2. Evaluate your organisation’s ability to sustain strategic advantage – Critically evaluate your chosen organisation’s ability to respond to the key external issue you have identified in 1. You are required to discuss the challenges arising from the issue within your industry and organisation. Examples of such impact could include implications for the value system, changes in stakeholder relationships, implications for resources and capability, changes in the competitive environment  etc.  (This section of the report should not exceed 750±10% words)
  3. Develop and evaluate strategic options to respond to the key issue – Using appropriate strategic management frameworks, summarise the findings arising from your analysis in 1 and 2, develop and evaluate strategic options to present key strategic recommendations for your chosen organisation’s Board of Management to help them respond to the key external issue identified in 1 and to sustain strategic advantage against their competitors. (This section of the report should not exceed 500±10% words)

Guidance notes

1. Your report should include the following sections in the exact order: Title Page, Table of Contents, Introduction, Main body as set out in the Assignment brief, Recommendations / Conclusions and List of References. An executive summary or abstract is not required for this report.

  • Title page: Include the module title, module number, assignment number, module leader’s name, your name and your matriculation number and word count of the main body of the finished report.
  • Contents page: set out the structure of the report by producing appropriate ‘numbered’ headings and subheadings which reflect the different sections. Provide page numbers. Provide a separate list of tables and figures you have used in your report.

2. You are advised to make full use of tables, charts and diagrams in the report to illustrate your points. Please do not include any appendices. You should make sure that all tables, charts and diagrams are explained in your report, appropriately labelled and referenced in the text, and sources acknowledged.

3. Any diagrams should not be simply reproduced from books or online sources, but these should be analytically applied in the context of your chosen organisation and its environment. You should briefly critique any frameworks you use and explain why these are most appropriate for your analysis.

4. Avoid simply reproducing information about the frameworks, company and its environment. The purpose is to evaluate issues and consider implications for the industry and your chosen organisation.

5. Your points should be analytically and/or evidentially justified. The evidence used in the report should demonstrate that you have done wide range of relevant reading. You should also demonstrate insight when drawing conclusions.

6. You are required to produce a word-processed document, in your own words, not exceeding 2,200 words. The word count excludes the title page, table of contents page, list of references, and all the tables and diagrams you have included in your report. Any submission failing to adhere to the stated word count will have the final grade reduced by one grade point.

7. Cite references throughout your text using the APA7 format. Please refer to ENU guide for referencing in APA7 format. Any content and ideas used from other sources must be cited within the text, and the full details of the source must be included in the list of references. Please read more about plagiarism so that you do not fall foul of academic misconduct.

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