SH4053 - Academic skills & literacy: finding & presenting information (2021/22)

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SH4053 - Academic skills & literacy: finding & presenting information 

Certificate (04)

Module specification


Module title

Academic skills & literacy: finding & presenting information

Module level

Certificate (04)

Credit rating for module




Total study hours



14 hours

Assessment Preparation / Delivery

100 hours

Guided independent study

36 hours

Scheduled learning & teaching activities

Assessment components



Qualifying mark





Annotated bibliography of 5 identified relevant academic sources, app. 500 words




Review of one journal article/book chapter in the form of a 10 minute podcast or video presentation




Self-reflection on academic development, app. 500 words






Module Leader


Module summary
The module is an academic skills module which serves to develop key academic skills in first year students. Its main focus is developing students’ skills in identifying, understanding, and presenting literature, data and information.
This module aims to:

- Develop key skills essential to all years of higher education, including researching, reading, writing, referencing, and critical thinking
- Develop ability to effectively read and comprehend academic literature
- Develop ability to present academic literature, both written and verbally
- Develop understanding of the quality and validity of different sources of information
- Provide opportunities for self-development and reflection

The module syllabus is designed to tackle each LO in turn, through covering these 6 key areas:
1. Using University resources in identifying key academic literature and information
2. Reading and writing skills for university
3. Referencing and citations
4. Understanding academic texts
5. Presentation of academic texts, verbal and written
6. Quality and validity of information

Balance of independent study and scheduled teaching activity
A range of teaching methods will be used throughout this module: lectures, seminars, workshops, activities and discussions. The module will also apply the flipped-class method, where students will be required to read set texts or other information, and to discuss these in classes and seminars. Additional resources will be available online via WebLearn. Module staff will be available to provide face-to-face, telephone, and email support to students during and outside timetabled sessions.

Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the module, students will able to:
1. Effectively make use of the University’s academic resources to identify and obtain academic literature and other relevant information
2. Demonstrate the ability to use academic systems of referencing
3. Present and discuss relevant and appropriate academic literature
4. Understand and explain the quality and validity of various types of literature and information
5. Self-reflect upon own academic development

Assessment strategy
The assessment is a portfolio to be submitted by the end of the module. NB All elements of the portfolio will be submitted in week 25. The portfolio is passed on aggregation of three assessment components. The assessment components are designed to test students’ knowledge of key module teachings and learning outcomes. The assessment strategy involves written, oral, and creative elements.
The annotated bibliography is intended to test LO 1, 2, 3, and 4. Students will gather a bibliography on a relevant health and social care topic and provide a short commentary on the contents and relevance of each item.
The review of a journal article/book chapter in form of a 10 minute podcast or video presentation is intended to test LO 2, 3 and 4. Students will choose one item from their annotated bibliography and provide an in-depth discussion on the contents of the item, demonstrating ability to comprehend and present academic literature. The choice of assessment allows the students to engage with the task in a creative and varied manner.
The 500 word self-reflection of own academic development is intended to test LO5. Students are asked to consider their own development from start to conclusion of module, reflect upon the key skills they have acquired, and the value and application of these in further study.

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