Present research findings, draw appropriate conclusions and identify management implications.


Project Proposal Form

Section One

  • Student Name:
  • Student Number:
  • Supervisor Name:

Section Two:Proposal Outline

  • Please provide a short working project title (click onto and write in grey box below).
  • Please note the areas shaded in grey are mandatory fields.
  • Simply select the pertinent greyed area and fill it in.

Background,  Statement of the Research Problem, Aims, Research Objectives , Research Questions and Significance of the Project

Please write a brief outline (write in grey box below) of your proposed research in terms of context (the sector for example) background, aims, objectives, research questions and significance of the project. This outline should be around 400 words in length (click onto and write in grey box below).

Research Methodology

Please write a brief outline (write in grey box below) of your proposed research methodology. What we mean here is the broad approach you will take to answer your research questions and the methods of data collection you will employ. For example, will your research questions be answered using a qualitative approach using nominal data such as interviews, open-ended questionnaires/surveys (primary data)? Alternatively, will you take a quantitative approach using numerical data such as fixed surveys with closed questions (yes/no responses and Likert scale style questions ((primary data)), secondary data analysis (secondary data)? On the other hand, will you take a mixed methods approach? (If you are unclear as to the meaning of any of these areas please refer to any of the current research methods books held in the library and seek assistance from your supervisor). This section should be around 200 words in length (click onto and write in grey box below).

Literature Review

Outline how your work fits into existing published work by showing how your study aligns with what has been previously published. You can do this by critically review at least 4 refereed journal articles which underpin your proposed study. All of the literature references must be academic publications. This section should be around 450- 500 words (click onto and write in grey box below).

Research Ethics

Any research needs to be considered from an ethical perspective and you are to demonstrate you have given due attention to this in terms of your research. This should be around 100 to 200 words for this section. Read research ethics policy and research ethics and bio safety approval form available in the Moodle before completing this section (click onto and write in grey box below).


Please provide a project schedule (Gantt chart) which incorporates the phases of your project and activities to undertake, duration, start and end dates, any milestones/ deliverables.

References Appendices

Project Report

Project Report (70 marks)

Maximum Marks

Marks Obtained

Performance Descriptor






Has the relevance/significance of the issues to be pursued been clearly established? Have satisfactory working hypotheses been formulated OR Have the research questions and objectives been clearly articulated? Does the Introduction adequately present the context; describe the scope and signpost the direction of the research?


Literature Review




Is the review comprehensive and coherently presented? Has the student demonstrated a potential for critical evaluation of the literature? Is the review well written (good English, composition, referenced correctly, etc.) and not reliant on simple ‘cut and paste’?


Research Methodology Employed




Has the research design and methods been appropriate? Have the methods of investigation been employed rigorously? Have appropriate methods of data analysis been employed? Has the rationale for using particular methods been justified?


Data Analysis, Discussion of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations





Does the work have a clear focus and direction? Is the work sufficiently focused to give depth? Is the validity of the conclusions, drawn in relation to the theoretical introduction, the research question and the data analysis, apparent in the project? Is it clear how the project builds upon existing work? Have the implications of the findings been explained? Have relevant areas for future investigation (building on this work) been identified?


Report Structure and Format




Does it demonstrate development and shows previous feedback has been accounted for? Is the work properly and appropriately referenced? Is the reference list/bibliography relevant, appropriate and comprehensive? Is the project well planned and set out? Concise and clear overall argument within or no more than 10% in excess of the word limit? Referencing and citation.

Ethical, Social, Legal Issues and Sustainability



Does it discuss the Ethical, Social, and Legal Issues and Contribution to the Society? The project incorporates sustainable features and contributes to the society.

Project Presentation

Presentation (10 marks)

Maximum Marks

Marks Obtained

Performance Descriptor






Has the student given a well-organised, comprehensive account of the most important aspects of their project? Did the presenter have a clear understanding of the material presented? Were both theoretical positions and empirical evidence presented? Were compelling explanations or theories considered and dealt with properly? Did the student deal well with questions? What about the use of digital materials (power Points slides, digital competences or similar)

Assessment Grading Criteria

Learning outcomes covered (LO’s)

On the successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

  1. Develop a formal Business Research Proposal that summarizes the research issue.
  2. Search, evaluate and critique a body of literature related to the chosen research topic.
  3. Devise an appropriate research design, including methods of data collection and analysis.
  4. Present research findings, draw appropriate conclusions and identify management implications.
  5. Identify and develop an information technology intervention to enhance the business solution.
  6. Demonstrate independence of research, argument, synthesis and advocacy.

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