LO4: Produce a plan to improve an area of provision in healthcare practice.

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Unit: 10 Developing Operational Management Skills for Healthcare Practice 

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Part 1: The submission for LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4 is in the form of a:
Report with a plan included.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

Part 1: 
LO1: Describe the competencies required of an operational manager in healthcare practice.
LO2: Apply theories of leadership to operational management in healthcare practice.
LO3: Demonstrate leadership skills managing a team in healthcare practice.
LO4: Produce a plan to improve an area of provision in healthcare practice.

You are an operational manager in an area of healthcare practice. You want to develop your management and leadership skills to develop and enhance your role within the practice.
You have been working in your provision for three years and have conducted observations on practice and provision. You have identified an area of service provision you would like to develop which will include managing  and leading a number of colleagues in effecting the proposed change. This may differ based on the setting you are working in.

You have researched the theoretical assumptions relating to managing teams and operational management and you need to put forward an operational plan to your manager for approval.
Your report will evaluate the usefulness of theoretical models of leadership, management and team building and the way that theory informs plans to develop practice. 

Your report should consider the different models of management and leadership and team building, and those that best apply to your context, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of models. You should also evaluate the ways that theories have helped support your own development and practice in planning for change. You should discuss the potential outcomes and benefits to healthcare practice locally and globally in order to develop a robust business plan for change.

You will need to produce a report that includes the roles and responsibilities of an operational manager and the legislative and other considerations you need to be aware of in order to carry out your role. You will need to assess your own competencies and identify areas you need to develop through developing SMARTER targets. Your report should be in written format. 

  • You will need to include the following in your assignment:
  • An analysis and evaluation of the required competencies required in developing your role and to be an effective leader and operational manager in healthcare practice with a description of the roles and responsibilities of an operational manager in healthcare practice.
  • An explanation of why different personal skills are prioritised in leadership through different operational tasks in healthcare practice.

Ø  An assessment of the benefits of applying theories of leadership to the practical operational management of work roles teams in your healthcare setting

  • An analysis of theories that inform how teams are developed and managed to promote positive outcomes for individuals in different contexts in healthcare practice (own work setting and one other).

Ø  A description of the different theories of leadership and their application to work roles in healthcare practice and an explanation of how these theories can support aligning style of management to different contexts in healthcare practice (own work setting and one other).
Ø  Use theoretical models of leadership to contribute towards the development and management of a team in your healthcare setting.
Ø  An outline of the different strategies used to resolve conflict arising between individuals in different contexts in healthcare practice (own work setting and one other)

Within your report you will need to develop an operational plan that identifies an area of service provision change you would implement in your provision.
Your plan should make use of prescribed planning tools and should be designed around one of the six Practice Themes, to include:

  • Details of the change/development
  • Business plan that includes a needs–benefit analysis, consideration of legal and ethical requirements, a strategy on Health and Safety and welfare of individuals
  • Human and physical resources in order to carry out the business plan

To complete this report you will need to complete:
Ø  A reflection on the effectiveness of your business plan to improve an area of provision taking into account the different theories and models of leadership and team building in relation to own operational leadership skills.

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