LO4 Analyse the role of complementary therapies in maintaining health and wellbeing

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Complementary Therapies in Healthcare Practice 

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Learning Outcomes:
LO1 Discuss the principles of providing complementary therapies in a healthcare setting
LO2 Assess the regulations affecting complementary therapies in healthcare setting
LO3 Investigate the use of complementary therapies in a healthcare setting
LO4  Analyse the role of complementary therapies in maintaining health and wellbeing

Assignment Brief:
a)Design an information booklet in a word document
b) Word count guidance: 3500- 4500 (-/+ 10%) as a guide you will not be penalised for going under or over

c)References (Harvard Referencing)
Imagine you are a health care professional working for an organisation that supports individuals suffering from serious physical health conditions and mental illnesses. One of the major target of the organisation is to reduce the incidence of reported illness using different types of complementary therapies along with orthodox medicines. To achieve this target you have been tasked by your organization to design an enlightening information booklet on complementary therapies that are used in an identified service to treat diseases and mental health conditions.

In your information booklet you will need to explain why complementary treatments may be chosen to be used in current healthcare practice, identifying any risks to the individual and organisation that may be associated with your chosen treatments.
The information booklet must be divided into four sections covering the assessment questions mentioned below:

Section 1- Creating Awareness
a) Analyse the relevance of the healthcare practitioners’ personal skills in providing different complementary therapies in healthcare practice. Also discuss the purpose and historical context of different complementary therapies currently used by healthcare practitioners
b) Critically evaluate the effectiveness of current policy and practice requirements on regulating the use of complementary therapies in healthcare provision across different settings

Section 2:- Practice requirements for complementary therapy
a) Critically analyse impact of current legislative and policy environment on the use of    complementary therapies in healthcare practice. Assess how the use of complementary therapies is regulated in health and care settings
b) Investigate different professional practice requirements for complementary therapists.

Section 3- Effectiveness of the use of complementary therapies
a) Critically reflect on the effectiveness of the use of complementary therapies alongside orthodox treatments versus orthodox treatments alone in improving the health and wellbeing of individuals with different conditions.
b) Critically discuss the effectiveness of, and risks associated with, complementary therapies in use in a specific healthcare setting. Also compare and contrast different complementary therapies and orthodox treatments used in healthcare settings. 

Section 4- Signifiance of complementary therapies in maintaining health and wellbeing
a) Examine the role of different complementary therapies in maintaining physiological and psychological health and wellbeing 
b) Assess the impact of complementary therapies on different physiological functions. Also assess psychological effects of complementary therapies on individuals presenting with different behaviours in a healthcare setting.

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