LO3: Recognise the legal and ethical responsibilities of human resource management

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Unit 29: Human Resource Management in Healthcare 

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Assignment Title: Recruiting and supporting staff in the healthcare setting

Learning Outcomes:
LO1: Discuss the processes involved in the recruitment of staff relevant to own setting
LO2Review how staff are monitored and supported on a regular basis
LO3: Recognise the legal and ethical responsibilities of human resource management
LO4: Plan for own learning requirements relevant to managing staff.

Assignment Brief:

As a manager in a healthcare setting, you will be involved in the recruitment, monitoring and supporting of a range of staff. Whilst you may have a separate human resources department, it will be essential that you understand the processes and practices of employing, managing and training staff. You are required to investigate the recruitment of staff, including the relevant legal and policy frameworks as well as relating the process to various advisory documents providing guidance on recruitment in a healthcare setting. You also need to investigate how continuing professional development is used in the workplace as well as examining their role in supporting, coaching or mentoring staff and the purpose and process of providing feedback. You have been asked by your senior manager to produce a report which will be shared with other staff in training sessions.

In the first section of your report you must demonstrate an understanding of how to recruit and retain staff. You need to discuss the processes involved in the recruitment of staff relevant to own care setting. You also need to:
• Critically reflect on the recruitment and staff retention processes in own care setting and also identify the potential improvement.
• Evaluate the impact on healthcare settings of poor management of recruitment processes.
• Discuss the factors that need to be considered when planning and undertaking the recruitment of staff in own healthcare setting.
• Analyse how human resource management teams could ensure staff are retained in own healthcare setting.

In the second section of your report you need to review the potential monitoring systems available to management and analyse their use and effectiveness. You need to:
• Evaluate the potential impact on a healthcare setting of a lack of human resource monitoring and support.
• Critically assess the challenges faced in implementing systems of support and monitoring of staff.
• Analyse the performance monitoring systems available to management of the organisation.
• Discuss how the human resource department supports staff through complex or difficult processes.

The third section of your report asks you to review employment legislation and to explain the legal responsibilities of the human resource department in order to comply with both national and international recruitment law as well as the recommendations of statutory bodies. You also need to:
• Justify the need for healthcare organisations to comply with current human resource guidance and legislation using current examples of breaches in employment law.
• Critically analyse the relationship between legal and ethical responsibilities of human resources departments and the impact on staff being managed in the healthcare settings.
• Compare different legal responsibilities of the human resource department when recruiting or retaining staff.
• Discuss ethical responsibilities that human resource departments have with regard to their staff.

In the final section of your report you will focus on Continual Professional Development (CPD) within the setting, explaining the current mandatory training that your setting requires staff to undertake, and considering the benefits of planning for CPD to individuals, the team and the setting. You also need to:
• Complete a critically reflective CPD plan to improve own and staff training and development.
• Evaluate own role in the training of staff in own setting.
• Illustrate in detail the current mandatory training requirements of own setting for workers in different roles.
• Discuss the benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) planning to individuals, teams and settings.

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