LO2: Articulate and appraise the range of interventions employed in working with children and families who have experienced abuse, trauma and a range of stresses in their lives.

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Children and Families 

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Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to:
LO1: Evaluate working with children and families from a range of theoretical frameworks.
LO2: Articulate and appraise the range of interventions employed in working with children and families who have experienced abuse, trauma and a range of stresses in their lives.
LO3: Critically evaluate assessment, intervention and ongoing support frameworks used when working with children and families.

Assignment 1:

Case Study: 40%
With reference to theory and best practice principles students are required to complete the Meitheal Strengths and Needs Record Form for the Case Study given.
Once completed students are required to articulate and appraise the range of interventions they have highlighted in the Strengths and Needs Record Form.
The Meitheal form can be found by doing a google search for: Meitheal Strengths and Needs Form.
(The completed form needs to be handed in with the hard copy of the assignment however should not be included in the word count and not put through Turnitin) 

Word Count: 1,500 +/-10%


Father: Andrew Kelly – 45 years old
Mother: Mary Kelly – Deceased
Children: Sam Kelly – 17 years old & Megan Kelly – 14 years old

Presenting Situation:
Maternal grandmother, Mrs. Clarke, called her local Tusla office on a Friday at 2pm to request an investigation of her son – in – law’s home. Mrs. Clarke believes her granddaughter and grandson are being abused by their father. Grandson, Sam, is 17 and granddaughter, Megan, is 14. Their mother, (her daughter) is deceased.

Mrs. Clarke reported her grandchildren spend one weekend a month in her care. They are currently with her, and she saw bruises on Megan’s arms and legs. She is also concerned that Sam has bruises; however, he is wearing a long sleeved shirt and trousers and will not allow her to look. Megan and Sam will not discuss what has caused the bruising. Sam said his father did get upset with him and with Megan but would not say anything further.

Mrs. Clarke did not want to send the children back home on Sunday afternoon. She said her son-in-law had developed a serious temper, and she is afraid he has begun to abuse the children. She said since her daughter died earlier this year, Andrew has become increasingly angry and verbally abusive toward the children even in her presence. She has not seen him hit the children, but she has heard him shouting at them.

After discussing the call with the duty social worker, an available social worker made a visit to Mrs. Clarke’s home. She met with Mrs. Clarke, Sam and Megan. Megan was crying and refused to speak. Sam would only say his father’s temper has got worse since Mary’s death.

The social worker observed several marks on Megan’s arms and legs: two round shaped marks about 1.5 inches in diameter on either side of her left upper arm and three marks on the back of her right calf, each about two inches in length and .5 inches in width. The social worker said “You have several bruises, Megan. Can you tell me how you got them?”  Megan cried harder and did not respond. The social worker said, “Sometimes I talk to teenagers who are unsure about whether to talk to me. They want their family to get help but they don’t want anyone to get into trouble.” Megan continued to bow her head and cry. Sam said “Look, just please stop asking questions; we can handle it and you are just going to make things worse.” The social worker explained that she and other social workers have been able to help other families before. She explained that she know the children’s mother has passed and expressed her condolences.  She said, “Sometimes when families are grieving, people need extra help. Maybe that is so for your family?” The children did not comment. Mrs. Clarke tried to get her granddaughter to discuss their home life but they continued to remain silent. Sam refused to show the social worker his arms or legs.

The available social worker spoke with the duty social worker and concluded the children needed to stay with Mrs. Clarke until the father could be interviewed. The social worker instructed Mrs. Clarke to contact the duty social worker if Andrew called or came to pick up the children. Mrs. Clarke stated she does not hear from Andrew when she has the children, and he does not respond when she calls. Mrs. Clarke made a point to tell the social worker she wants the children to be with their father but only if the children are treated well and remain safe.

After leaving Mrs. Clarke, the available social worker tried calling the father at his home but received no answer. The social worker also called Andrew’s mobile phone number provided by Mrs. Clarke. There was no answer, and the social worker left numerous messages by voice mail.

Current Situation:
On Sunday morning, the guards received a frantic call from Andrew. He wanted to know why a social worker was calling him. The Guards advised Andrew to phone Mrs. Clarke to discuss the situation.

Andrew phoned Mrs. Clarke and asked if Megan and Sam were safe. She told him they were but that a report had been made to Tusla alleging abuse of Sam and Megan. She stated to him that social workers wanted to talk to him on Monday. Andrew become angry and stated he could not “handle the children” since Mary’s death.He stated they were “ungrateful” and could just stay with her (Grandmother) “forever”. Andrew hung up at this point and the children stayed with their grandmother.

The duty social worker contacted Andrew on Monday morning and explained he needed to come into the social work offices that day to see her.  Andrew stated he would be available after work that day at 4pm and did not want the children home. The duty social worker asked if Mrs. Clarke agreed could the children stay with her. Andrew agreed stating “She can have them.” The duty social worker told Andrew she would see him in the social work offices that afternoon at 4pm. The duty social worker contacted Mrs. Clarke, and she agreed to keep the children for as long as necessary.

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