LO1: SUMMARIZE the role of stakeholders within the SSDEC Sectors.

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Instructions to Students

  • Individual Presentation (7-minute) and recommended number of slides (7 to 9).

Presentation Day and Time: 

Week 5 Class Meeting (All Students)

The sequence of presentations will be randomly determined

Learning Outcomes



LO1: SUMMARIZE the role of stakeholders within the SSDEC Sectors.


LO3: ASSESS approaches to monitoring and evaluating in project management.


Topic: Developing a disaster shelter centre in Kutupalong Refugee camp in Bangladesh
Presentation Overview
The first step in project cycle management is the identification of your project. This step applies a range of tools that frames the parameters of the project and supports with developing your project idea.
Each student is required to deliver a 7-minute PowerPoint presentation that outlines a plan for their assigned case project.
In the Assessment 1: Presentation students will include/discuss the following:

  1. Title Slide
  • Title of project
  • Your name and Student ID

General Description and background of the project including:

  • Overview of how the core problem has come into existence for the community or geographic region based on underlying factors; (5 Points)
  • The justification for undertaking this project and the benefit it will provide for the community and/or geographic region where it is being enacted. (5 Points)

STEP 1.1 Stakeholder Analysis [CLO1] (15 POINTS)
Discuss stakeholder analysis applying:

  • Stakeholder Power/Influence and Interest Matrix with placement of five (5) selected entities. (4 Points)
  • Students are required to select and summarize within the scope of the project the role of a minimum of five (5) stakeholders from the following sectors:
  1. One (1) national/federal level public sector stakeholder from the assigned country. (3 Points)
  2. One (1) local level public sector stakeholder from the assigned country. (3 Points)
  3. One (1) international non-profit sector stakeholder. (3 Points)
  4. Two (2) additional stakeholders from any sector of your choosing including but not limited to financial sector, grassroots citizen-led or otherwise. (1x2= 2 Points)

Stakeholder Characteristics Target Group Selection [CLO1] (15 POINTS)
In table form, the characteristics/capacities of each stakeholder including:

  • Justify one (1) reason each stakeholder is important to the project by indication of their tangible/intangible resource contribution OR span of influence; (1x5=5 Points)
  • For each stakeholder, one (1) implication that their involvement will have for benefitting the project; (1x5=5 Points)
  • Selecting the target group/industry (direct recipients and ultimate beneficiaries of the project’s implementation) (5 Points)

STEP 1.2 Problem Analysis [CLO3] (10 Points)

  • Assess the core problem associated with the project; (4 Points)
  • Summary of at least one (1) contributor to the core problem that is central to the project; (3 Points)
  • The impact that the core problem is having for the community or geographic region (e.g. economy, employment, critical infrastructure damage etc); (3 Points)

STEP 1.3 Objective Analysis [CLO3] (10 Points)

  • Detail one (1) primary objective of the project. In other words, what does the project aim to achieve. (10 Points)

STEP 1.3 Monitoring and Evaluation [CLO3] (20 Points)

  • Summarize one (1) aspect of the project to be monitored throughout the project timeline (5 points) indicating one (1) proposed methods/tools (5 points) to be used for monitoring. (2x5=10 Points)
  • Assess how the project is to be evaluated against the stated objective toward overcoming of the noted problem. (10 Points)


  • Summary of the project

Visually appealing, comprehensive, informative and relevant.  20 marks [CLO1=10, CLO3=10]
The assessment is a 7-minute oral class presentation to be delivered to your audience.

Your assignment MUST be a PowerPoint presentation. 

Citation in the text and the Reference list that includes the sources for all materials cited in this assignment. This list must follow the APA style referencing, and you should have carefully proofread it to make certain that the style is followed consistently.

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