Identify the three server roles and how they relate to each other (for example ACME will need a DNS server in order to host a site on its web server, etc.)

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COM516 Network Implementation 

Coursework Assessment Brief

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Assessment Details

Unit Title:

Network Implementation

Unit Code:


Unit Leader:




Assessment Title:

Report – Training Package

Assessment Number:


Assessment Type:


Restrictions on Time/Word Count:

No restriction – as a guideline the training package report can be around 2500 words.

Consequence of not meeting time/word count limit:

There is no penalty for submitting below the word/count limit, but students should be aware that there is a risk they may not maximise their potential mark.
Assignments should be presented appropriately in line with the restrictions stated above; if an assignment exceeds the time/word count this will be taken in account in the marks given using the assessment criteria shown.



Assessment Weighting:


Issue Date:


Hand In Date:


Planned Feedback Date:

Within 4 weeks of submission

Mode of Submission:


Number of copies to be submitted:


Anonymous Marking


This assessment:
(a) Is exempt from anonymous marking.

Assessment Task
Please see enclosed details about the assessment task at the end of this document.

Assessment criteria
Evidence of knowledge, problem solving, implementation and professional skills will be required. Detail of assessment criteria will come later in this document.

Learning Outcomes
This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the unit descriptors. In particular this assessment will focus the following LOs:

  • Discuss the issues involved in the design and implementation of computer networks.
  • Evaluate solutions for a given computer networking problem.
  • Apply techniques in implementing, configuring and troubleshooting a network infrastructure

Students are reminded that:
If this assessment is submitted late i.e. within 5 working days of the submission deadline, the mark will be capped at 40% if a pass mark is achieved;

  1. If this assessment is submitted later than 5 working days after the submission deadline, the work will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero;
  2. If this assessment is being submitted as a referred piece of work (second or third attempt) then it must be submitted by the deadline date; any Refer assessment submitted late will be regarded as a non-submission and will be awarded a zero.

This unit runs in Period 1 (Sep. to Jan.) and is delivered by means of a two sessions, each two hours long, per week. The unit has two assessments name AE1 (60% weight) and AE2 (40% weight).

Description of Assessment AE1: Report: Training Package
This assessment consists of a report. Since, this is training package, you should prepare multimedia based supporting material as well to make it engaging and interesting for the audience. 

Target Audience of the Training Package
The training package is aimed at a real world training company. They develop and deliver short networking courses for clients throughout the world, delivering both technical and practical courses. However, they also deliver courses aimed at non-technical people. Typically your audience will comprise managerial staff, deemed to have a limited engineering or technical background, from various companies, desirous to have a background understanding of computer networking technologies and their application to business. This must be the target audience for this training package.
The objective of the training package is to teach non-technical people the background essentials for computer networking in an easy to understand way.

Contents of the Training Package
Throughout the delivery of this unit, a number of networking topics will be covered. The theory will be investigated in a preparation and feedback session whilst the practical aspects of each topic will be covered during a laboratory session.
The training package must illustrate how the requirements of the given “ACME scenario”, a company with 5 offices in England, can be met. ACME wishes to design and implement a new computer network for the whole company and they have a number of requirements for their new network that must be addressed. (see appendix for the ACME scenario and requirements)

The Theme
The theme of the training package will be “Network Servers”, comprising MS Windows based DHCP, DNS and Web servers.
The following should be included in the theme:

1. Introduction to the Theme
Summarise what the theme is about and how it relates to the requirements of the ACME scenario. Identify the individual topics within the theme and discuss how they relate to each other within the ACME scenario.

2. For each topic within the theme explain, in simplistic terms:  What! Why! Where! and How!

3. Supporting Material for the Theme
Each theme must be supported by appropriate multimedia material. Examples of multimedia material include but not limited to presentation slides (e.g. MS PowerPoint) with speaker notes, audio commentary, animation and video explaining some aspect of the technology to a non-technical audience.

4. Quiz
The theme should be supported with a multi choice quiz of your own invention to support the learning of the target audience. Each question should have at least 4 choices, with at least one being the correct answer. Remember that the questions should check the concepts and learning you have included in the training package.

5. References
You should support your training package with appropriate sources which should be summarised in the References section using Harvard referencing style. Note that each of the item in the References section should be cited in the text.

6. Links to Further Reading and Materials
For each network server give a list of further reading or other material, such as books and video lectures, and briefly outline, in non-technical terms, the information that can be obtained from each source. Make sure that you use the correct Harvard referencing method when citing references. The material should be ranked in order of appropriateness to the target audience.

Example of treatment of a theme:
For example, for the chosen theme “network servers” (which is the case) you should first of all: 

  1. Explain what a server is and then identify the server types or roles (e.g. DHCP, DNS and Web server), and looking at ACMEs requirements, which requirements the servers will address. Identify the three server roles and how they relate to each other (for example ACME will need a DNS server in order to host a site on its web server, etc.) 
  2. Then explain to a non-technical audience, for example, what a DHCP server is, why ACME need it, and summarise the important points of where and how it will be implemented on their network. You could use selected screenshots from the DHCP server lab session to aid your explanation. Then do the same thing for DNS and then Web server. You should also explain IP addressing scheme used at each site. 
  3. You should include presentation slides for the training package, either you can have one presentation or divide it in four small presentations one for the general introduction and one for each of the three servers. Each slide should be accompanied by speaker notes. Adding audio commentary to the slides would also be appreciated. 
  4. Then explain important aspects of the configuration of each of the server. 
  5. Support your material with a multi-choice quiz, for example, one that asks basic questions about DHCP, DNS and Web servers. 
  6. Provide links to further material on server functionality with an explanation of each, for example, a book on Windows server that explains how DHCP works or a YouTube video from Cisco on configuring DHCP on a router. Then rank the usefulness of each to the target audience, justifying why you have chosen that order.

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