IA4.4 Explain the need for and process of reviewing health and safety performance.

Element IA4: Measuring and reviewing health and safety performance

5.1 Unit IA: Managing health and safety

Aim of the unit

This unit provides learners with a thorough grounding in all major aspects of managing health and safety. It aims to prepare learners for a career in health and safety by providing them with the ability to apply their knowledge and understanding of health and safety management issues in the workplace. In addition, this knowledge and understanding prepares learners for the written question paper assessment in Unit IA and the practical application (Unit DNI) which will be carried out in their own workplace.

Learning outcomes

IA4.1 Explain the purpose and use of performance measurement in relation to health and safety objectives and arrangements

IA4.2 Explain the need for, and the objectives and limitations of, health and safety monitoring

IA4.3 Describe the variety of health and safety monitoring and measurement techniques

IA4.4 Explain the need for and process of reviewing health and safety performance.


IA4.1 The purpose and use of health and safety performance measurement

• The meaning of health and safety performance measurement

• The need for a range of both active and reactive measures to determine whether health and safety objectives have been met

• The meaning of key performance indicators and their role in setting of business objectives

• The types of and benefits and limitations of leading and lagging indicators

• The assessment of the effectiveness and appropriateness of health and safety objectives and arrangements, including control measures

• Making recommendations, based on performance, for review of current health and safety management systems.

IA4.2 Health and safety monitoring

• The objectives of active monitoring – to check that health and safety plans have been implemented and to monitor the extent of compliance with the organisation’s systems/procedures and legislative/technical standards

• The objectives of reactive monitoring – to analyse data relating to accidents, ill-health and other loss causing events

• The limitations of reliance on accident/incident and ill-health data

• The distinction between, and applicability of, active/reactive, objective/subjective and qualitative/quantitative performance measures.

IA4.3 Health and safety monitoring and measurement techniques

• The range of measures available to evaluate the health and safety performance of an organisation and how these measures can be utilised to review the effectiveness of the health and safety management system

• Collecting and using sickness absence and ill-health data to develop occupational policy, strategy and targets

• The role, purpose and key elements of health and safety audits, workplace inspections, safety tours, safety sampling, safety surveys, safety conversations and behavioural observations

• The in-house health and safety practitioner’s role in audits carried out by external/third parties eg, during a certification audit

• Comparison of previous performance data with that of similar organisations/industry sectors and with national performance data. Use and potential benefits of benchmarking.

IA4.4 Reviewing health and safety performance

• Need for formal and informal performance reviews

• The review process

• The inputs to a review process – internal performance data, health and safety objectives, organisational arrangements and change, external standards and expectations

• The outputs from a review process – actions and improvement plans, stakeholder reports, performance targets.

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