Examine and critically evaluate models of online and offline buyer behaviour and their relevance in different contexts

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BU7723 Understanding the Digital Customer 

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A: Assessment Details

Module Title

Understanding the Digital Customer

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B: Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine and critically evaluate models of online and offline buyer behaviour and their relevance in different contexts;
  2. Critically evaluate a range of influences on the online purchasing process;
  3. Critically analyse customer data in order to drive customer insight;
  4. Systematically deploy knowledge to develop in-depth customer journey maps and customer personas that align to different business contexts.

C: Assessment Task

A 4,000 word individual assessment, in the form of a portfolio, that applies contextual understanding of the digital customer, including the development of a detailed and evidence-based customer persona and customer journey.

D: Specific Criteria/Guidance

Using an organisation to illustrate your discussion, you are required to produce a portfolio of 4,000 words.

The portfolio needs to include the following:-

  1. A critical discussion of TWO consumer behaviour theories, one of which must be a theory relating to digital/online customer behaviour. The two theories MUST be sourced from those discussed in class.
  2. A data driven persona for an organisation of your choice. The persona must be supported by clear evidence of the sources utilised to develop the persona. Evidence should be presented via screenshots, reference to reports, data etc.
  3. A data driven customer journey for the persona mentioned above. The customer journey must also be supported by evidence including via screenshots, reference to reports, data etc.

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