Evaluate the usefulness of the Strategy (in enabling the local delivery of public health and thus in enabling health and wellbeing needs to be met).

Assignment: Health and wellbeing Strategy Evaluation.

The coursework is designed to fulfil the following educational objectives:

1. To give practice in evaluating a local health and wellbeing strategy with regard to its content and approach thereby developing an ability to begin to think critically

2. To enable a clearer understanding of the role of the local authority in enabling health and wellbeing to be met through partnership working and delivering more effective public health at the local level

3. To provide an insight into the difficulties in implementing published strategies to deliver health and wellbeing and to understand further the public health system and its operation at the local level.

The Task: Focus on this section

Obtain the latest JSNA and Health and Wellbeing Strategy for an area of your choice and evaluate the quality of the strategy. In the final 2000 word report (75%) you are individually required to explain and evaluate: 

  1. The concepts of health and wellbeing which are dominant in the strategy and judge the overall drive of the strategy in terms of its focus and potential to address health inequalities.
  1. Evaluate the extent to which national strategies (eg from DoH or DCLG) and priorities have been addressed. Appraise the strategy within the context of any additional documents (e.g Community Strategy, Housing or Homelessness Strategy) and evaluate its’ effectiveness in balancing the need to address national priorities whilst also addressing needs identified locally.

Then in relation to an identified issue or problem of your choice that has been identified as a local priority

  1. Evaluate the usefulness of the Strategy (in enabling the local delivery of public health and thus in enabling health and wellbeing needs to be met).
  2. Establish the extent to which evidence has informed the strategy in tackling this issue/problem (to what extent has knowledge of the local health needs from a JSNA informed and driven the strategy eg has data on key indicators in your region/local area informed the strategy in terms of its development and implementation).
  3. Review the effectiveness of partnership working within the strategy in tackling this issue/problem (eg people and organisations viewed as key stakeholders) in managing local public health and assisting delivery within the area being considered and identify opportunities for the sector(s) you consider to have a more pro-active role in delivering or implementing the strategy in the future so as to address health and wellbeing needs.


A Report which comprises

A summary identifying the key messages about their place and documents in respect of their issue /problem AND

◦         outlines the place being focused on and the documents they have included

◦         the main elements of the approach being used to drive Public Health strategy at that level

◦         identifies the key points that are important from the 2 documents in relation to their specific issue/problem

The main body of the report should address the specific issue/problem chosen and develop detail on the approach taken within the documents considered. It must provide an individual reflective evaluation on the value of Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategies and their potential effectiveness in addressing local health inequalities going forward in relation to the specific issue/problem.

As individuals you are expected to undertake additional reading around to inform your evaluation and to enable completion of this task and should reference this reading accordingly in the normal way. You are encouraged to refer to theory and/or local knowledge from living and/or working in the area in developing aspects relating to the evaluation – the key task is to justify your points in some way with evidence. The idea behind this is that the discussions we have as a community of practice will develop everybody’s knowledge and understanding of an important and quite complex topic that is important IN DRIVING public health at a local level in order to reduce health inequalities.


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