Discuss and evaluate the changes made in The Lego Group since Jorgen Vig Knudstorp took over as CEO in 2004. Use leadership and/or change theory as the basis for your answer.

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Module Level, Code and CRN

7 (15 credits) BMG 744 (CRN90328) MBA QJN

Module Background and Aim
The future prosperity of advanced economies depends on the ability of their organisations to fully understand what makes leaders and managers effective and how they might try to develop leadership and management skills and talents. Hence, in this moduleissues relevant to the changing nature of management and leadership skills requirement in an era of discontinuous change are examined.

The aim of the module is to provide an understanding of the major contemporary issues in connection with leadership and change management.  Additionally, the module aims to provide students with insight into their leadership style and the approaches they may use to manage and lead change and ultimately become more skilled leaders.  Students will be given the opportunity to understand how they can become better leaders and develop skills to allow them to lead themselves and others towards successful outcomes.  Up-to-date research ideas regarding the new directions that are emerging in the field will also be examined and students will be encouraged to consider the meaning of these ideas in a range of organisations from various sectors.

The module integrates theory and practice by drawing on relevant theory and connecting it with leaders and managers in a range of case study organisations.  In addition students will be asked to draw on their two years of experience in this programme and critically reflect upon the different types of leaders and managers they have encountered and also think about just what kind of leader they are and want to be in the future.  As can be seen in the assessment schedule below, you will be expected to apply their knowledge of leadership skills to real life scenarios and case study organisations.

General Course Requirements and Administration
This module will examine a range of theoretical and practical issues related to leadership and management, with particular emphasis on people management issues.  The fact that this module is designed for students who are committed to developing their management and leadership skills means that the practical application of the various theoretical models discussed will be emphasised.  Hence during the formal teaching sessions scheduled, reflective workshops will allow the group to view videos, analyse case studies and consider issues in small group scenarios. 

To fully benefit from these experiences, attendance at these sessions and active participation in the activities is essential.  As well as the face to face sessions students will be required to make use of the online aspect of the programme, with the University`s Blackboard system the mode of delivery.
All the face to face sessions will involve lectures, case discussions, and exercises. These sessions are designed to build upon what the students have learnt throughout the programme and to further explore the range of management and leadership concepts.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
On completion of this module, students will show that he/she can:



Critically evaluate theoretical concepts and practically apply leadership skills in both organisational and wider settings.


Understand the range of research perspectives relating to the field of leadership and change.


Understand how we might recognise and develop leadership skills in a more effective way.



Critically evaluate arguments and synthesise evidence.


Identify, analyse and draw reasoned conclusions from structured and unstructured data.


Locate, extract and analyse data from multiple sources, including the appropriate acknowledgement and referencing of sources.


Ability to use own initiative and approach tasks, issues and problems in a creative manner.



Manage self and personal skills to include managing stress.


Demonstrate interpersonal skills including the motivation of others, persuading    and influencing, effective listening, negotiating, managing conflict and effective team membership.


Conduct research into management and leadership issues.



Demonstrate self-managed learning skills as an independent individual and as part of a group.


Demonstrate ability to solve problems, to make decisions and manage time


Embrace the ethos of Lifelong Learning demonstrated by the ability to engage in personal and continuing professional development.

Coursework 1 Leadership Question (40%) – 1800 Words
Authentic leadership and ethical leadership are today’s popular models of leadership.
Using relevant examples, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both, using the academic literature to support your answer.
Conclude with which model of the two you propose for today and why. (40 marks)

Coursework 2 Case study (60%) - 2700 words
Based upon the case study of a leadership and change scenario: The Lego case study (linked below)
Use the information, plus the academic theory and concepts from the module, to illustrate your understanding of leadership and change theory and practice.  Answer the following three questions.

Question 1 (20 marks)
Discuss and evaluate the changes made in The Lego Group since Jorgen Vig Knudstorp took over as CEO in 2004. Use leadership and/or change theory as the basis for your answer.

Question 2 (20 marks)
Discuss and evaluate Jorgen Vig Knudstorp’s leadership of The Lego Group. Use leadership theory as the basis for your answer.

Question 3 (20 marks)
Using your understanding of leadership and change, and using the information in the case study, what recommendations would you give to the Lego Group to continue their success in the future?
Support your recommendations with theory/references, as appropriate.

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