Describe the social and political climate in the United States when rock and roll emerged

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Social and Political Climate in the United States 

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The primary theme of the paper is Describe the social and political climate in the United States when rock and roll emerged. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail.
Directions: Please answer the following questions using the information from Right to Ride. For all responses, provide page citations at the end of each response (location citations are fine as well for the online book). The length of each response should be between 2-4 sentences.

  1. Describe the social and political climate in the United States when rock and roll emerged.
  2. How did rhythm and blues (R&B) develop? 
  3. Describe the impact of the radio. 
  4. Identify the importance of Alan Freed, Elvis Presley, Sam Phillips, and Bill Haley.
  5. How did national tensions over race and civil rights affect musicians and the music industry? 
  6. How did the rise of rock and roll benefit African Americans? 
  7. Identify ways that rock and roll challenged stereotypes.
  8. Did rock and roll encourage mixing of the races? Why or why not?
  9. How were African Americans exploited and their music appropriated? 
  10. Identify the importance of Nat King Cole, Fats Domino, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry.
  11. Explain why adults remained concerned about young people and sex in the 1950s. 
  12. Why is it that rock and roll made many adults feel threatened and undermined?  13. How did adults respond to the rise of rock and roll? (Be specific)
  13. Discuss why and how adults attempted to alter rock and roll? 
  14. Identify the importance of Pat Boone, Dick Clark, Elvis, and Jerry Lee Lewis?
  15. Why did adults blame rock and roll for encouraging youthful disrespect and rebelliousness? 
  16. Discuss the emergence of a teen subculture in the United States. 
  17. How did rock and roll (as well as teenagers’ buying power) help create a distinct and separate culture for young people? 
  18. Provide specific examples where people defended rock and roll against its negative image? 
  19. Identify the importance of Dick Clark’s Your Happiest Years, Pat Boone’s Twixt Twelve and Twenty, Hollywood teenpics, and the television show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.
  20. Discuss segments of the entertainment industry that benefited from rock and roll? 
  21. Classify segments/groups that were hurt or left behind because of rock and roll? 
  22. Identify ASCAP and BMI and explain how ASCAP used monopoly accusations and the “payola” scandal to try to suppress rock and roll. 
  23. How was it that Alan Freed was destroyed while Dick Clark survived? How did the payola controversy hurt rock and roll?
  24. What accounts for the apparent decline in the vitality of rock and roll by about 1960? Where were its leading figures? 
  25. What was the impact did the plane crash that killed Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, and Buddy Holly have on rock and roll? 
  26. How did American rock and roll affect future British musicians? 
  27. What sort of rock music was produced during the “lull” of the early 1960s? 
  28. How and why did the Beatles revive American rock and roll?
  29. Do you think the author has a favorable view of rock n’ roll?  Why or why not? 
  30. What kind of sources did Altschuler use?  
  31. In summary, how did rock and roll change America? (No citation needed)

Grading Criteria for Book Assessment 




Fully answers all questions with the use of relevant and significant information.  Answers are original. Provides clear and accurate citations.  


Answers most questions with adequate evidence and information. Answers are original. Provides citations.  


Answers many questions with some evidence provided, but does not elaborate. Answers are original. Provides few or no citations.  


Missing a many questions and key arguments from the book. Has inaccurate information from the book.  Answers are original. Provides few or no citations.  


Missing a significant number of questions. Off Topic or no effort present. Answers show evidence of plagiarism. No citations given.  

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