Describe Ethical Practices And Legislation Concerning Information Use, Protection And Privacy

Information Systems in Business (MIST610)

The ultimate goal of this course is to provide students a holistic and in-depth understanding of information systems (IS) role in supporting, shaping, and enabling business strategies and achieving corporate objectives. Information systems are one of the major tools available to business managers for achieving operational excellence, developing new products and services, improving decision making, and achieving competitive advantage. A fundamental question that is answered by this course is “how information systems and technologies are efficiently and effectively utilized in managing the information as a business resource?”. The divide that currently exist between IT and business can be bridged by increasing the IS and IT-knowledge of decision makers. This course provides an understanding of the different types of information systems in business organizations, the role of IT in business decision-making, E-business, IT infrastructure and emerging technologies, business intelligence, MIS ethical and social issues, and enterprise information systems.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Assess The Common Pitfalls That Damage Many Is Projects And Make Well-Grounded Recommendations On Actual Or Planned Is Applications
  2. Describe Ethical Practices And Legislation Concerning Information Use, Protection And Privacy
  3. Discuss The Various Types Of Information Systems And Their Applications In Business Organizations.
  4. Evaluate Current Is Provision In An Organization In The Light Of Emerging Technical Possibilities.
  5. Explain How Is Can Add Value To A Business Process And Enable Radical Re-Engineering Of Existing Processes.
  6. Outline How Is Could Support An Organization’S Strategy, Including Developing New Products, Services And Markets.

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