Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of UX/UI design principles and techniques and evaluate their usefulness in the design and development of interactive interfaces

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Coursework Assignment Brief 

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Academic year and term:


Module title:

User Experience Design

Module code:


Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme level meeting

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of UX/UI design principles and techniques and evaluate their usefulness in the design and development of interactive interfaces.
  2. Identify and evaluate usability, accessibility, professional and ethical standards relating to the design and development of interactive systems.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to design, test and evaluate interfaces using UX design principles.

Type of assessment:           

The suggested word count for this assignment is 3000 words.
Students will design and develop a UI, based on a UX scenario, using appropriate UX design principles.

Kind reminder: You MUST make a reasonable attempt at your assignment and submit it. Failure to do so may result in CAPPED Resit and/or failure of the module.
It is also a student’s full responsibility to ensure that all assignments are submitted on the correct link and on time before the submission date.

Rationale and expectations: This assignment weighs 100% of the assessment weighting for this module, and covers all learning outcomes.
Students will be asked to design and develop a UI based on a UX scenario, using appropriate UX design principles, and compile a 3000-word report to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of UX design principles and practical approaches.
Students will have access to formative feedback on each task set in workshops, thereby helping them to refine their approach to the summative tasks that have been set.

Report – 3000 words [100%]
You will demonstrate the critical appraisal of the UX theories required for the design and implementation of a prototype system for Artizan limited.
You are also required to implement a full lifecycle UX analysis and design, utilising Jesse James Garrett’s methodology for designing digital products.

Word count
Don’t exceed the word count
You need to state the word count at the end of their assignment. 10% over the stated word count is permitted without penalty.
If students go beyond this, then there is a penalty of 5 marks for every additional 10% beyond the word count with a maximum of a 15 mark penalty reduction.
There is no specific penalty for submitting a piece that is below the word count, but please note that shorter submissions are likely to attract poorer grades, particularly where they lack the necessary depth of analysis.
Tables and figures (e.g. diagrams, graphs, photographs, etc) may be used as evidence to support academic argument. They are mostly used in report writing. However, it is important that tables and figures are used purposefully (i.e. with good reasons) and when appropriate. They should also be referenced correctly. 

How do you calculate the word count?
The word count includes the Abstract or Executive Summary and all in-text citations. The word count does not include the Bibliography and Appendices.
Please note that Appendices should only include supplementary information, not information critical to your work.

Artizan Limited is an online selling company, looking to design and develop an up-to-date system to effectively cater for the needs of their growing business. Due to the rapid increase of online selling demand and to stay ahead of its competitors, the company has decided to improve the layout of its existing system to improve customers’ online experience.
You are required to improve the end users’ journey for the following online selling services. You must also consider the website, mobile and iPad-friendly design. 

  • Customer Signup
  • Customer/Admin login
  • Customer’s view of orders history
  • Customer’s online payments
  • Customer profile
  • Admin search for all Customers
  • Admin viewing all customer’s orders

Marking Criteria and Tasks



Perform, Conduct, Evidence and Document Strategy Plane Research - 20%

Conduct research on interviewing techniques and design a UX qualitative interview questionnaire.



Construct at least two user personas based on evidence gathered during user research.


Apply UX Principals and Data to Scope Plane Outline – 20%

Apply data, gathered from UX data and User Personas, to implement UCD principles into the process and task design.
Demonstrate application through 2 user stories or suitable UX process mapping techniques.



 Create Application Structure and Information Architecture for Structure Phase – 15%

Implement Information architecture concepts to create an effective navigation structure.  


Wireframe Implementation for Skeleton Plane – 20%

Implement high fidelity wireframes.


Test wireframes with users to prove the hypothesis on process development.


Implementing UI Prototypes, Styles guides and Branding for the Surface Plane – 10%

Design and implement style tiles and guides – apply UX and branding concepts.


 Conclusion and Recommendations – 10%

Provide a critical appraisal of usability and accessibility considerations for the successful implementation of a prototype solution in an organisation using UX design theory and best practices. 


Credits page – 5%

Provide references and sources utilising the Harvard standard.



100 Marks

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