Demonstrate a depth of knowledge, systematic understanding and critical evaluation of project management theories, methodologies, and tools and techniques in different contexts.


Unit title & code

BSS049-6 Project Management Practice

Assignment number and title

2 – Project Management Portfolio

Assignment type

Oral Presentation

Weighting of assignment


Size or length of assessment

3500 words +/- 10%

Unit learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

MSc Project Management

  • Demonstrate a depth of knowledge, systematic understanding and critical evaluation of project management theories, methodologies, and tools and techniques in different contexts.
  1. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
  • Apply and synthesise project management knowledge and understanding, to work in a team, to plan, communicate, implement, control and evaluate a real project for a client, including management of stakeholders, risks and issues that arise in order to present a successful client project.


What am I required to do in this assignment?

 Assignment: This assessment accounts for 60% of the total grade.

For this assignment, you are required to work in groups. Your group of 5-7 students will be confirmed by your unit tutor during your sessions. You will be required to produce a project management plan for a suitable project.

The Project Plan will include the use of Project Management tools and techniques studied and discussed in class. 

 This project plan assessment contains two parts, Part A and B:

Part A – Group presentation

This assignment is based on a real life project to ensure you (work in a group of 5 to 8) can apply and reflect on the project management knowledge and skills learnt.

  • A group presentation of the project plan incoroprating the elements detailed below (presented in PowerPoint) will take place on the date confirmed by the tutors.
  • Each team is required to submit a copy of their presenttaion slides prior to the presentation via BREO using the Assessmnet 1 presnetation submisison link under assessment and feedback page. Only one member of your team is required to submit the presentation on behalf of each team.


Length of presentation: 10 minutes + 5 minutes for questions and answer

Submission: Copy of PowerPoint slides (plus appendices) submitted via BREO using the Assessmnet 1 presnetation submisison link under Assessment & Feedback page.

1. Feasibility and Business Case/Benefits Analysis: (Needs to be detailed and cover points such as Reasons, Expected Benefits, Stakeholders, Key milestones, Costs, Net Benefits, Risks and Constraints)

2.  Project Time Management

This includes the following 4 components:

a) Work Breakdown Structure

b) Activity List

  • Activities should be the same as those listed in the WBS
  • Samples of Completeness of activities to deliver project products
  • Each Activity allocated to an individual project team member/s

These must be realistic, true to nature and applicable.

c) Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis

3. Risk Analysis

  • Risk Identification – How thorough?
  • Risk Assessment – Probability Matrix….how realistic?
  • Risk Responses – How appropriate?
  • Risk Register/log Sample(s) provided

Part B – Individual PORTFOLIO report

You are required to produce an individual report of 3,500 (+/- 10%) words covering the delivery of a project for the given / chosen project to include all of the below (which you will have received feedback on during your presentation as detailed above):

 Business case

  • Time management (Work Breakdown Structure; Activity List; Network Diagram and Critical Path)
  • Risk management plan including a risk Log and probability/impact matrix
  • Critical discussion and a reflection of the Lessons Learnt from the project (Your individual reflection of your learning form the unit and producing this report as a part of a team)
    • Review of lessons learnt from the project
    • Consider what you have learnt about working in a group
    • Reflect on individual learning

 The company: For Assessment 2 - you are required to work on EMC Design (company profile is attached), and address the following project Brief:

  • Company Website:

Project Brief                                              

The current website was built back in 2016 using Wordpress and is overdue a refresh. This year we have made a few minor tweaks with copy, made our logo and font choices more accessible and have updated with some more recent photos.

  • We want to showcase our extensive portfolio better.
  • Have less copy and better navigation around the “About us” section.
  • Appeal to existing types of traditional clients (who like a lot of words!) but also to new organisations and companies who would benefit from our skillset – most likely in educational publishing or education/learning & development area.
  • Showcase our growing digital design expertise better.
  • Showcase our growing full-scale packaging department more.
  • We are intending to make more use of video on the new website.
  • We would like to have a press releases for sharing important news and updates.
  • We are also keen on having a Subscriber Opt-in feature, A lot of orgs will opt for a pop-up that encourages visitors to sign up for the email newsletter in exchange for an incentive, such as a discount.


Time: not more than 3 months (+/- 3 weeks)

Cost: not more than £10,000 (+/- £500)


  • The above is an actual project brief for EMC design company.
  • You are expected to familiarize your-self with typical activities in web site design and development and create a project plan which is realistic and logical.
  • The technical aspects of website design will not be assessed, instead you will be assessed based on whether if your proposed plan is realistic, logical and reasonable.
  • Make sure to research the company’s profile
  • The highest levels of presentation are expected for all assignments and poor presentation will be penalised.
  • The ‘Harvard’ system of referencing should be used in your work.
  • The group presentation slides should be included in the Appendix of your individual submission. Failure to do so, will result in a grade of “0”.
  • You are expected to improve your work based on the feedback you received during the presentation.
  • Part B, the individual report must be produced individually without any input from your group members


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