Critically informed knowledge of Risk and Quality Management framework and standards alongside related tools and techniques in the context of Operations Management

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Risk and Procurement Management BSS054-6

Submission Deadline

Marks and Feedback

Before 10am on:

20 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7)
15 working days after deadline (L6)
10 working days after deadline (block delivery)

Unit title & code

Risk and Procurement Management BSS054-6

Assignment number and title

Assessment 1

Assessment type

Written Report

Weighting of assessment


Size or length of assessment

3,000 words

Unit learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

MSc Project Management

MSc Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Use the Case Study (FIFA World Cup), your own reading and research and risk management concepts and models to develop an understanding of the requirements to develop a risk management process for large scale projects involving infrastructure and events.

You must write a Business Report that focuses on three key areas that summarise your understanding of risk management in this context.

  1. Using both the Case Study and your own research, identify and discuss three key risk areas involving risk management of an FIFA World Cup project
  2. Informed by risk management concepts and models, summarise a multi-stage risk management process that is suitable for an FIFA World Cup project
  3. Identify four individual risks, discuss their evaluation and suggest potential mitigation strategies

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

  • Demonstrate engagement with the literature
  • Use appropriate risk management tools and techniques as outlined in the unit to analyse a Case Study
  • Give some constructive recommendations appropriate to present to senior managers

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

We will be filling this section in together in class on Click or tap to enter a date.make sure you have downloaded/printed out the Assignment Brief and bring it to the session with you.

How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

You will need to apply the concepts and models covered in class regarding a multi-stage risk management project, particularly the areas of risk identification and analysis, and apply to the mega-project for the FIFA World Cup. You will be need to refine your understanding of the unique requirements of mega-project risk management during class exercises and discussions and demonstrate this in your written report.

How will my assignment be marked?

Your assignment will be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.
You can use them to evaluate your own work and consider your grade before you submit.


3rd Class – 40-49%

Lower 2nd – 50-59%

Upper 2nd – 60-69%

1st Class – 70%+


Some use of academic literature but with little or no logical interrelation with the problem set. Little use of relevant course concepts, models or theories.

Fair use of academic literature but lack of depth/connect to problem set. Some use of course concepts, models and theories.

Good use of academic literature, good use of course concepts, models and theories but lacking in depth and/or breadth

Very good use of academic literature in connection to problem set and excellent overall application of multiple course concepts, models and theories.


Poor quality of research with now-quality sources used. Poor input into discussion and conclusion of report.

Fair quality of research but limited in scope or depth, limited input into discussion and conclusion of report.

Good quality of research with reasonable input into discussion and conclusion of report. May be limited in scope/depth.

Excellent quality and range of research demonstrated, with clear input into discussion and conclusion of report.


Poor structure and design with a reasonable flow of ideas. No report structure used or poor report structure. Referencing present but frequent errors.

Fair structure and design. Report structure used by with errors and/or poor implementation. Referencing present but some errors.

Well-structured arguments and design with reasonable flow of the report. Formal report structure used. Mostly accurate referencing.

Well-structured arguments with good design of the sections with good flow of ideas. Formal report structure use. Accurate referencing.

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