Critically identify and evaluate key issues impacting upon organisations and their environments

Assessment Information/Brief 2020/2021


Module title






Assessment title

Dissertation – 8,500 -15,000 words (dependent on pathway)

Weighting within module

100% of the overall module mark

Submission deadline date and time



How to submit

You should submit your final submission via Turnitin on Blackboard. Individual tutors are NOT permitted to provide extensions.


Assessment task details and instructions 

Your dissertation is a 60-credit module that is expected to be 3 months in duration. The dissertation length will vary according to your chosen pathway. The dissertation involves the execution and communication of a piece of investigative academic/applied research which demonstrates an understanding of a specific problem, together with evidence of critical and analytical evaluation.

During your block teaching you will have already prepared a research proposal for a dissertation. This proposal will not contribute to your overall grade, but it does inform your dissertation so is of critical importance to the success of your dissertation.

You will discuss your proposal with your supervisor before you start on your dissertation. Your supervisor will provide formative feedback from your proposal which will inform and shape your dissertation. To assist you in this discussion you may find the following indicative structure useful:

  • Proposed title
  • Rationale for the study
  • Context of the study
  • Aim
  • Objectives
  • Proposed methodology
  • Limitations of the study
  • Delimitations of the study
  • Proposed structure of the study
  • References

Dissertation pathways:

The dissertation length will vary according to your pathway, all dissertations account for 100% of your grade:

  1. Applied dissertation – 15,000 words
  2. Six-month placement – 10,000 words
  3. Internship – 10,000 words
  4. Entrepreneurship – 8,500 words
  5. 12-month placement – 10,000 words

All dissertations should include (in this order):

Front Matter

Main body Chapters

Resources and additional information

Title page




Content page

List of abbreviations



Literature review


Results and discussion

Conclusion and recommendations

Reference list

Appendix items


The University Library provides extensive guides to write, formatting and referencing dissertation projects.


You can also find a detailed list of online resources for dissertation students covering topics such as methodologies, research methods and other common questions




Assessed intended learning outcomes

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:


Assessed ILOS

Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Critically identify and evaluate key issues impacting upon organisations and their environments
  2. Develop a project proposal and plan based on a current organisational issue
  3. Synthesise new knowledge drawn from relevant academic and professional literature and its application to a current organisational issue
    1. Develop and document, a synthesis of knowledge informed by documented evidence

Practical, Professional or Subject Specific Skills

  1. Select and apply appropriate analytical techniques both systematically and creatively
  2. Present analysis in a clear and persuasive manner
  3. Develop creative and realistic solutions to complex issues
  4. 8.    Apply a synthesis of prior knowledge to solve current organisational issues


Transferable Skills and other Attributes


  1. Develop highly sought-after skills required in international business.
  2. Your ability to manage your own research project
  3. Skills required to locate, select, and synthesise available literature
  4. Effective primary and/or secondary research skills
  5. Your capacity to draw conclusions appropriate to research findings

Module Aims

  1. To examine an issue pertinent to your academic studies.
  2. To examine the real-world business problem and examining an issue important to an organisation
  3. To apply theoretical and practical knowledge gained from taught elements and/or work experience to a current organisational issue


Word count

Will vary according to pathway. Word count not inclusive of references



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