Contribute to recruitment and development of staff with appropriate customer service skills

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Unit 1: Show Understanding of Customer Service Management

SVQ in Customer Service at SCQF Level 8

Unit code: CFACSF5
SCQF level: 8
Credit points: 10

Unit summary
Management responsibilities in a role that is directly related to customer service generally involve a set of skills, knowledge and understanding that might be expected of any manager. However, the nature of customer service means that, if you have specific customer service responsibilities, there is a further skills and knowledge set that you need.
This unit covers the key principles of customer service that influence how it is managed and the links between your management responsibilities and those key principles. The unit recognises that knowledge and understanding of customer service principles and systems required in a management role may not be as detailed as that required in a delivery role. Instead, knowledge and understanding must relate clearly to a more strategic appreciation of the principles of customer service. This unit gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding needed to be effective in customer service management.

Unit assessment requirements
There are no specific assessment requirements for this unit. Please refer to the overall Skills CFA Assessment Strategy in Annexe A.

Customer service management; key principles; knowledge; understanding; strategic principles

Assessment outcomes and standards
To pass this unit, the candidate needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the assessment outcomes and standards for the unit. The standards outline the requirements the candidate is expected to meet to achieve the unit.

Knowledge and understanding


the customer service management role and responsibilities in relation to your organisation’s service offer, customer expectations and customer satisfaction


how effective customer service depends on a combination of organisational systems and the individual skills of those responsible for customer service delivery


how organisational systems balance customer satisfaction, financial considerations and the requirements of legislation and regulation


how effective customer service delivery by staff involves a combination of skills acquired through training and experience and personality


the options for monitoring customer service performance and the benefits and drawbacks of each option


the use of customer service as a competitive tool by the commercial sector and its use as a contribution to best value in the public or third sectors


the key features of a customer service culture in an organisation


how risk assessment can be applied to customer service situations when dealing with customer service problems


options for making use of technology to improve customer service delivery


ways in which an organisation can seek continuous improvement in its customer service


ways in which the ethical and values base of an organisation’s approach to customer service are demonstrated and maintained


the nature of your responsibilities for customer service resources and systems in your organisation

Knowledge and understanding


your leadership role in customer service delivery


the key skills and attributes to be sought when recruiting for a person to deliver customer service in your organisation


options for training, development and/or achievement of qualifications by your organisation’s staff in customer service and the benefits and drawbacks of each option


the importance of the steps you take to monitor and maintain effective delivery of customer service in your organisation


ways in which you promote continuous improvement within your organisation


the importance of establishing a strong network of contacts with similar interests in customer service

Performance criteria

Demonstrate understanding of the principles of customer service that influence the way it is managed


exercise customer service management responsibility with consideration for your organisation’s service offer, customer expectations and resources


supervise and develop staff skills in the delivery of customer service


contribute to the development of customer service policies, culture and ethics in your organisation


evaluate options for technology that will improve customer service delivery


carry out risk assessment when dealing with customer service problems

Demonstrate how your management responsibilities link with customer service principles


display leadership in a customer service role


contribute to recruitment and development of staff with appropriate customer service skills


monitor and maintain effective customer service in your organisation


promote improvement of customer service in your organisation

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