CFACSA17 Champion Customer Service

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Unit 3: Champion Customer Service 

SVQ in Customer Service at SCQF Level 8 

Unit code: CFACSA17
SCQF level: 8
Credit points: 10

Unit summary
Staff with high levels of responsibility for customer service have an important role to play as champions of excellent service within their organisations. They should also promote customer service to service partners without whom their organisation cannot deliver reliable and excellent customer service. They need to have a great deal of knowledge and expertise from which others can benefit.
This unit is about acting as a champion – being constantly alert for issues that affect customer service, analysing these issues and their implications, challenging on behalf of the customer and passing on your knowledge and expertise to others.

Unit assessment requirements
There are no specific assessment requirements for this unit. Please refer to the overall Skills CFA Assessment Strategy in Annexe A.

Responsibility; excellent service; service partners; knowledge; champion; analyse; expertise; customer service; communication; problem solving; behaviours; work with others; team working

Assessment outcomes and standards
To pass this unit, the candidate needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the assessment outcomes and standards for the unit. The standards outline the requirements the candidate is expected to meet to achieve the unit.

Knowledge and understanding


the processes for decision making within your organisation and who is involved


how to monitor developments within your organisation


how to use your influence and authority to affect decision making


the types of developments that are likely to affect customer service and how to analyse the implications for customer service


the importance of empathising with customers and how to represent their viewpoint in a constructive way


how to identify when others need advice and information on customer service issues


how to use different types of research to support your advice and information on customer service


how to apply your advice and information in practice


how to monitor the effect of your advice and information

Performance criteria

Promote the importance and benefits of customer service


explain the role of customer service within your organisation’s strategic and business plans


continuously monitor developments in your organisation in order to identify those important to customer service


analyse the implications of customer service developments in your organisation


question and challenge developments from the customer’s standpoint


use your influence to ensure that developments improve customer service

Provide advice and information on customer service issues


make it known that you can provide customer service advice and information


respond to requests for customer service advice and information


carry out any necessary research to enhance or verify the advice and information you are giving


communicate customer service advice and information effectively


help others to explore the implications of your advice and information for their own work and identify actions that the advice and information might prompt


monitor how effective your advice and information has been


review the way you collect information, formulate advice and communicate it to others

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