Astronomy (PHYS100)

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Astronomy (PHYS100) 

This general education course aims at developing a clear understanding of the basics of astronomy. It deals with: Getting to Know the sky, Figuring out how things work, The Family of the sun, The Sun, our very own Star, Learning about Stars, Understanding Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Recognize how science works and identify how to evaluate scientific arguments from evidence, and interpret the up-to-date information on different areas of astronomy and space science.
  2. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the night sky: stars, constellations, mapping the sky, time and calendars, and other related topics.
  3. Interpret the different astronomical concepts about light, matter, and energy in order to be able to investigate the astronomical natural phenomena.
  4. Acquire a clear understanding to the nature of the origin, evolution and current state of the solar system, planetary atmospheres, interiors and satellites systems.
  5. Evaluate the distance scale of the Universe and compositions of objects on various cosmic scales: galaxies, galaxy super-clusters, quasars and diffuse matter.

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