Assess the business and technical issues related to contemporary digital commerce.

L5 Assignment Brief: BMGT2300, Digital Content Systems and Ecommerce, 2021-22, S1 

Assignment 1


Part 1: Practical (60%)

Part 2: Report (40%)

Word Limit or equivalent (e.g., time)

Artefact (3,000-word equivalent)

Part 1: 1,800 word equivalent
Part 2: 1,200 words



Learning Outcomes Assessed

  1. Assess the business and technical issues related to contemporary digital commerce.
  2. Examine the opportunities and threats arising from digital commerce and technology platforms.
  3. Produce a digital commerce solution for a business case by utilising a content management system.
  4. Apply technologies within the content management system to enhance online user experience.



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What do I need to do to make a success of this assignment?

This assessment has two parts for you to complete. Please read the business case and complete part 1 and part 2.

Case: Eighteen months ago, you decided to set up a company in the retail sector. You have sold your products/services locally until now. You have decided to expand online and therefore have decided to produce an e-commerce site to sell to UK and EU customers, with plans to expand internationally within five years. As you have not yet established an online presence, you have no customer following or trust in the market. You have a small team of employees with limited technical expertise and a moderate budget of £11,500. The budget has been allocated as follows:

  1. 1.    £3,500 for CMS solution including internationalisation (currency and language)
  2. 2.    £1,000 for security
  3. 3.    £2,000 for staff training
  4. 4.    £2,000 for legal consultation
  5. 5.    £3000 contingency money

Part 1: Practical (1800-word equivalent)

Choose a specific industry within the retail sector and produce an e-commerce site using a CMS package for a small-to-medium business (SME). The e-commerce site must be fully functional and easy for customers to navigate. Functionality should include:

  1. An online shop that is populated with multiple products, tax and shipping capabilities
  2. An integrated payment processing system
  3. Internationalisation of the website (currency and language)
  4. Integrated social media for marketing purposes
  5. Security integration
  6. Enhanced features to improve user experience

You will need to provide the URL to your ecommerce site on the template provided, along with screenshots of the core pages and functions.

Part 2: Report (1200 words)

Choose one topic from the list below and then answer the following three tasks. Please note, this should be written in third person, in an academic/professional style and relate back to your chosen business. Harvard citing/referencing should be used throughout to support all your assertion.

List of topics to choose from (only choose one):

  • Security (suggestions include password protection, malware, social engineering, phishing attacks, etc. – only choose one)
  • Payment processing issues (e.g., technical issues, fraud, etc.)
  • Accessibility issues for disabled customers
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Language support and translation

Once you have picked your topic, answer the following 3 tasks.

  1. Introduce your chosen company, e.g., what you sell, etc. (approx. 100 words)
  2. Assess how the chosen topic could potentially impact (i.e., pose a threat for) your business for oneof the following: (approx. 600 words)
    1. Financial implications such as lost sales
    2. Poor public relations and customer experience/service implications
    3. Loss of data and downtime
    4. Employee issues such as training or recruitment and selection
  3. Examine an opportunity (method or technology - e.g., software, hardware, personnel) that your company could use to mitigate against the above threat and discuss how they specifically relate to your firm’s business/technology requirements. (approx. 500 words)
    Note: You must refer to your company and the given business case throughout.



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