Appraise the logic and applications used by Harsh Electricals to differentiate between their direct and indirect costs on one hand, and the fixed, variable and mixed costs on the other hand.

1.   Introduction

Welcome to your summative assessment No. 2 required in the Managerial Accounting Course in the Master of Business Administration Program. The aim of this assessment is to ensure that you can conduct a case study analysis in which you demonstrate awareness of knowledge issues and apply advanced skills in analysis and evaluation of complex ideas to develop innovative solutions relevant to cost system, costs of goods sold, and income statement.

In performing the case analysis, carefully read the case and requirements that are presented in this instrument. Make sure you comprehend every requirement. Refer each requirement to one or more specific topic presented in the classes that are in your opinion relevant to providing an answer. Provide your answers using the specific concepts and knowledge acquired on every topic that best addresses each question.

2.   Course Learning Outcomes














Demonstrate a critical awareness of knowledge issues, as the basis for original thinking; encompassing current processes of knowledge production related to Managerial Accounting







KN3, SK1, SK5, AR1, SD2

Information (CLS1), Communication (CLS2),Mathematical/Problem




Critically apply advanced skills required in research, analysis, evaluation     of complex ideas, information, concepts and/or activities   related to  Managerial Accounting







KN1, SK4, AR3, RC1

 3.   Assessment

 Students are required to carefully read the case “Harsh Electricals: Analyzing Cost In Search Of Profit” that is posted on the LMS. As a managerial accounting consultant to ‘Harsh Electricals’, you are required to answer the below requirements.

3.1  Assessment Requirements

  1. Appraise the logic and applications used by Harsh Electricals to differentiate between their direct and indirect costs on one hand, and the fixed, variable and mixed costs on the other hand.                                                              (CLO2- 10 Marks)
  2. Estimate the profitability of each type of cooler that Harsh Electricals manufactures and calculation of their costs of goods sold.                 (CLO2- 15 Marks)
  3. Produce an income statement, and critically evaluate the future changes Harsh Electricals can execute to improve their annual profit.         (CLO3- 15 Marks)

 3.2  Terms of Reference

As a GUIDE ONLY, this section outlines some of the aspects you may consider significant given the brief shown above. Your report should include:

  • An analysis of literature to answer the assessment requirement 1.
  • For requirements 2 and 3, you should consider the following:

-          provide a table that supports your comparison between costs objects and cost behavior,

-          use a table showing the breakdown of direct materials, direct Labor, and manufacturing overhead; for the calculation of profitability for each of the two products: Standard Model vs. Baleno Model,

-          detail the number of possible changes that can improve the future annual profit when justifying your final recommendations. This may include the addition of a new model using your own realistic assumptions.

-          include three worksheets in the excel file: ‘COGS’, ‘Income Statement’, ‘Possible changes’.

 There are two links to submit your required submissions as below:

  1. 1.      Word Document: Word Count – 2,000 Words.
  2. 2.      Excel File: including equations and results.


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