Animal sensory systems that animals utilize to modulate animal behavior

Domestic Animal Behavior

Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to immerse themselves in the topics of domestic animal behavior. Students are expected to understand:

 Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Students will have their understanding of domestic animal behavior assessed by the following means:

  • Interactive questions and in-class discussion based on papers to review.
  • Quizzes (10) and exams (2)
  • One report on the objective collection of behavior data, including introduction of the project, methods, results, and interpretation of results in terms of both mechanisms of behavior and application of findings.

 Student Project

  • We will design, conduct, analyze and write a report a study of pig behavior.
  • Details will be discussed and developed in class.
  • The format of the written report will include the following headings:
    • Title and date
    • Author
    • Background (include a summary of what was published in the scientific literature; end with an objective of this report)
    • Methods (be precise in how the data were collected, the age and sex of subjects, the length of observations and what the animals were fed [exactly]. Use at least three animals per species).
    • Results (objective findings are presented without interpretations)
    • Discussion (write about each finding and compare your observations with the literature; then discuss how species differ)

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