Analyse methods of selecting individuals into teams and demonstrate competence when undergoing assessment

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BMGT2220 Unlocking Organisational Potential 2023-24 

Portfolio of Artefacts on Personal Branding

Assignment 001

Portfolio of artefacts on personal branding

Word Limit or equivalent

2000-word equivalent



Learning Outcomes Assessed

  1. Analyse methods of selecting individuals into teams and demonstrate competence when undergoing assessment.
  2. Demonstrate capacity to participate effectively in professional roles
  3. Reflect on and evaluate the skills required for effective team and organisational performance

If anything about this assignment is not clear to you, please contact your module leader.

What do I need to do to make a success of this assignment?

The focus of this assessment is on your personal branding. This assignment requires you to evaluate and test your readiness for the placement and/or graduate workplace – both as an individual and as a team player.

There are 2 parts to this assessment (5 artefacts in total):

Part A – CV/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile

There are 3 artefacts for this part of the assessment.

This set of artefacts is available for early submission (milestone). This will also help you manage your workload effectively through this first semester of study and receive helpful feedback on your work. But this early submission will also help you to get ahead if you are keen to secure a placement as this is the active searching season.

Part B – Reflective Practice & Personal SWOT

There are 2 artefacts for this part of the assessment. 

Part A – CV/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile

What do I need to do to complete this part of the assessment?

Artefact 1: Tailored CV (maximum two pages of A4)

Create an impactful CV.

Your CV should be tailored for one of the roles of your choice at Eaton:

-    Finance Internship

-    HR Internship

-    Marketing Internship

-    Data Management Internship

-    Supply Chain Internship

-    Operations Internship

Your CV should include the following information:

-    Your personal details

-    Your brief personal statement

-    Education history

-    Employment history or strengths if no work experience

-    Other experience e.g. volunteering, projects (if applicable)

You should include your key skills and competencies with examples either in a separate skills section or throughout the other sections in your CV. A variety of templates are available on Blackboard, or you can choose your own format. Your CV should be professionally presented and no longer than two pages of A4.

Artefact 2: Cover Letter (maximum 1 page of A4)

Write a tailored cover letter in response to your chosen role at Eaton. 

Your letter should be written as a formal letter and be no longer than one page of A4 and include the following information:

-    Why you are writing to them

-    What makes you want to work for the company

-    What qualities or attributes of value you would bring to the company

-    What you would like to happen next

Artefact 3: LinkedIn Profile

Create a LinkedIn profile, if you do not already have one.

Create a professional account of yourself for future employers using the following sections:

-    Headshot (and background)

-    Headline

-    Summary

-    Experience (if appropriate)

-    Skills

Evidence of this must be provided by screen shot either embedded into a PPT or WORD document. We will not accept a link to the LinkedIn page as this is dynamic and so can be updated after the submission deadline has passed.

Part B – Reflective Practice & Personal SWOT

What do I need to do to complete this part of the assessment?

Artefact 4 - Reflective Practice

Using Kolb’s reflective model, create a one-page A4 reflective account of your personal learning from this semester’s work-readiness activities.

These activities can also be supported by your interactions / experiences at other events in the semester such as the Careers Fair, Placement Poster Conference, Virtual Internship or any work or study-related relevant experience.  You are required to reflect on your personal skills but also your influence on others around you and your reaction to them.

The account should include the following sections:

  1. Concrete Experience - being open to, aware of, and valuing the experiences on the module
  2. Reflective Observation - making use of and investigating

your experiences on the module, use of feelings/intuition, ideas and options

  1. Abstract Conceptualisation - analysing and creating meaning from your experiences on the module
  2. Active Experimentation - preparing for action and trying things out in the future

Your work should be presented as a diagram with bullet points. Work of a higher grade will be more critically reflective and informed by theory and evidence for the claims on personal performance and impact on others. Please see the grading matrix for more clarity on what is needed for the different grade boundaries.

Artefact 5 - Personal SWOT

Using the reflective learning from artefact 4, create a personal SWOT of your skills and expertise, development needs, areas of opportunity and threats to your workplace readiness.

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