Algorithms and Problem Solving (CSBP119)

Algorithms and Problem Solving (CSBP119)

Introduction to problem-solving methods and program development including: the role of algorithms in the problem-solving process, implementation strategies for algorithms, the concept and properties of algorithms, and basic algorithms.  Program design strategies including implementation using a programming language which supports modular design and includes: I/O, events, control structures, arrays, functions.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Choose A Suitable Data Type / Structure To Represent The Information.
  2. Convert A Problem Expressed In English, Mathematics Or A Diagram Into A Computer Program.
  3. Design And Implement Small And Medium Size Software Problems Using Objects
  4. Develop A Class Hierarchy Using Inheritance
  5. Implement Algorithms Using Programming Constructs (Variables, Control Structures, Methods).
  6. Implement Searching, Summing And Selecting Algorithms.
  7. Implement User-Defined Classes To Solve A Given Problem
  8. Solve Problems Using Suitable Data Structures.
  9. Translate A Problem Expressed In English, Mathematics Or A Diagram To A Computer Program.
  10. Use Arrays And Array-Lists In Solving Problems
  11. Use Predefined Libraries To Develop Programs With Graphical User Interface
  12. Use Programming Constructs (Variables, Control Structures, Methods)


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