Advise Torsten as to what statutory claims he may bring against Novostar Bank.


This module is assessed by one piece of coursework of 4,500 words.

You must attempt both questions. They carry equal marks.

1. ‘Express terms are only one source of terms in employment contracts.’ Critically evaluate the above statement.

2. Novostar Bank is an innovative retail bank. It makes extensive use of modern technology to improve efficiency. It has recently launched an online banking application which uses voice recognition. It also has plans to roll out its ‘Kenza’ artificial intelligence-based virtual customer service assistants more widely following a successful trial earlier this year. As a result of these innovative measures, five customer-facing roles will be eliminated. Sukvinder, the managing director of Novostar Bank, has declared a redundancy situation affecting all staff. He has drawn up a redundancy selection matrix where criteria such as experience, time-keeping, reliability and sickness record are taken into account. In assessing against the selection criteria, higher positive scores reflect better achievement against the criteria. Negative scores are given to deduct points for undesirable performance against the criteria. Therefore, the employees selected for redundancy will be those with the lowest cumulative scores.

Torsten is a Customer Service Advisor at Novostar Bank and was selected for redundancy. He has worked there for nine years. Torsten scored well on the redundancy matrix, has not had any warnings and has had very positive feedback from customers and colleagues. He does not think that the selection was fair and is at a loss as to why he has been made redundant.

Advise Torsten as to what statutory claims he may bring against Novostar Bank.

Please note that footnotes are not included in the word count, however, you must not use footnotes as means of circumventing the word count.  Footnotes should be used to reference sources only.

Submission of courseworks will be via Turnitin on Canvas.  This will allow you to check your essays for similarity with other published material.  Please note that feedback will be found in your marked essay on Turnitin, Canvas.

Further information will be posted on Canvas.


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