Achievable: I will competently outline what I can do for businesses, I will perfect my pitch, and work on my portfolio.

 Solent University

Coursework Assessment Brief

Assessment Details

Unit Title:

Essentials of Employability

Unit Code:


Unit Leader:




Assessment Title:

Reflective report

Assessment Number:


Assessment Type:


Restrictions on Time/Word Count:

2000 words + Development plan in Appendix

Consequence of not meeting time/word count limit:

There is no penalty for submitting below the word/count limit, but students should be aware that there is a risk they may not maximise their potential mark.

Assignments should be presented appropriately in line with the restrictions stated above; if an assignment exceeds the word count this will be taken in account in the marks given using the assessment criteria shown.*



Assessment Weighting:


Issue Date:


Hand In Date:


Planned Feedback Date:


Mode of Submission:


Number of copies to be submitted:


Anonymous Marking


This assessment:

Is exempt from anonymous marking.

Assessment Task

You are required to do some personal development planning.  Consider your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your interpersonal skills; what do you want - or need – to do to improve your employment prospects.  You will need to review what skills and attributes employers are looking for.  You will find it helpful to take the Solent Employability Self Evaluation (ESE) test to help to identify your weak areas. You will receive a report from it that reflects your attitudes, ability and experience and will help you to identify the areas (skills, knowledge, experience) that you need to develop.

Select 5 areas in which you feel you need to improve.  For each one, write a single sentence SMART target that encapsulates what you intend to do to improve, what your timescale is and how you are going to do it. Then, for each objective, write approximately 400 words in which you reflect on your ability in that area, consider what the experts say about it, why it is important for your employability prospects, anything you think could make it difficult to achieve and how you might overcome that. 

Then summarise what you propose to do on a development plan (in Appendix), which then will act as your single page reminder of what to do and when you need to do it – this will sit in your appendices and not count in your overall word count.

Your submission will therefore consist of two parts; the explanation about each of your objective (2,000 words) and a personal development plan.

Note that you are expected to research to find out more about the topic areas that you have identified, and this selection of literature and your referencing are part of the marking criteria.

Development plan







Planned outcome

Where do I want to be by the end of this period? What do I want to be doing? (This may be evolutionary or “more of the same”.) That is, this is where you put your objectives


  • to be able to reference in Harvard style both in text and in the bibliography, accurately, gaining satisfactory feedback from tutor
  • to be able to manage my time better  - so that I do not need to stay up all night to complete an assignment
  • to investigate how to become a (Human performance specialist/Head coach/Negotiator/HR Manager) and set my career on track by gaining a work placement/choosing options

What do I want/need to learn?

What will I do to achieve this?

What resources or support will I need?

What will my success criteria be?

Target dates for review and completion

The key topics/areas that will help you to gain:

1. The technical knowledge necessary to fulfil your studies competently and be working towards the next level, eg. the specifics on your course, and academic skills such as essay writing, referencing

2. You will need to add any additional personal development  , eg. time management, self awareness,  interpersonal skills, appropriate behaviour,

Work out what to do to find out/ understand/ change in order to meet the development need:

–         Research into a topic

–         Attend an extra session

–         Meet your tutor

–         Set up a learning set

–         Find some e-learning

–         Take on a special project

–         Monitor your own performance and seek feedback

The ‘’what will I do to achieve this’ will often fulfil the development need.  But is there further guidance and support available?  From whom?  Student Hub? Your tutor?


What do you want good performance within each of the development areas to look like?

Eg referencing; able to complete the tests in succeed@solent with full marks, be able to accurately reference academic work

Eg meet target deadlines without excessive last minute hours.

As appropriate, needs to be specific dates for either completion or review, not ‘ASAP’

Be realistic about how much you can do at once – stagger your target dates, but don’t have any so far off that you lose sight of them

 Assessment criteria

QHA306 – Reflective report assessment criteria


Assessment Criteria

A1 & A2

A3 & A4

B 1-3

C 1-3

D 1-3

F 1

F 2-3

Written personal development objectives

(development plan)

Exemplary SMART objectives that are stretching and challenging, but achievable within a realistic timeframe

Excellent SMART objectives that are stretching, challenging, achievable and realistic

Clear objectives that meet SMART criteria and are realistic

Objectives are clear but more specifics required to make them workable

Adequate objectives set, ideas rather than specifics for development, some of which are sensible

No objectives set, ideas for development are lacking in substance and credibility

No objectives

Selection & application of relevant literature

Outstanding selection & application provided. High quality sources used extensively

Excellent selection & application provided. High quality sources widely used

Good selection & application provided. Mainly high quality sources used

Satisfactory selection & application provided. Some high quality sources used

Basic selection & application provided. Limited quality sources used.

Significantly unsatisfactory selection & application provided. Very poor quality sources used

No literature used

Development of reasoned argument for the use of this skill/attribute in the workplace

Outstanding argument

Articulated with all elements fully linked

Excellent argument articulated with all elements fully linked

Good argument articulated with most elements linked

Satisfactory argument articulated with some elements linked

Basic argument articulated with a lack of linkage between the key elements

Unsatisfactory argument articulated with no linkage of key elements

No argument put forward for the use of the skill/attribute in employment


Summarises the personal learning and the potential for application in the work environment

Exemplary - insightful conclusion at this level.


Insightful conclusion at this level.

Appropriate conclusion at this level.

Satisfactory conclusion at this level.

Acceptable conclusion at this level.

Conclusion inadequate or irrelevant

No conclusion

Appropriate referencing

Exemplary referencing/citation throughout. Excellent and fluent in all contexts.

Excellent referencing Communication


Consistent and accurate referencing/citation.

Communication clear.

Largely consistent and accurate referencing/citation.

Communication mostly appropriate

Some errors in referencing/


Communication adequate.

Significant errors. Poor communication or expression.

No references cited.

Communication inadequate for this level.

Overall Goal: I want to run my own consulting business.

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal: Within one month, I will land my first client after organizing a sensible plan for sending out pitches.
  • Specific: Using my network, I will seek out companies in need of my consulting services.
  • Measurable: I will pitch my first three clients within two weeks, aiming to pitch five per week thereafter.
  • Achievable: I will competently outline what I can do for businesses, I will perfect my pitch, and work on my portfolio.
  • Relevant: Knowing this is something I`m good at, I will utilize my contacts and remain focused on my dream to do work I enjoy.
  • Time-based: I will start pitching clients immediately; within a month, I will have my first paying client.


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