A Understand system procedures used in robot programming

Unit 4: Further Robot Programming

Level: 3

Unit type: Mandatory

Guided learning hours: 20

Unit introduction

Robotic automation is at the forefront of the latest industry developments across a range of engineering sectors. This unit builds on the programming techniques from  Unit 3: Motion Programming, focusing on the non-routine procedures which learners can use to enhance their programming ability. Learners will learn the system procedures, allowing them to access system memory, backup and restore programs.

There is an introduction to the optional WinC5G software, which can be used for more advanced robot programming, and also an outcome which focuses on efficiency and speed of programming and operation.

The unit concludes with an opportunity for learners to demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills they have gained across all four units of the qualification.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

To pass this unit, the learner needs to meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit.

Learning outcomes                                                                         Assessment criteria


Understand system procedures used in robot programming


Explain the system memory layout


Back up and restore a program


Investigate the use of WinC5G software


Compare the use of the WinC5G software with manual programming when creating robot programs


Use the WinC5G software to perform a non-routine procedure


Demonstrate how to create efficient programs


Use techniques to create efficiency in given programs


Evaluate a robot program in terms of improving efficiency


Use planning and integration skills to produce automated solutions


Plan automation for a given process


Develop robot programming to automate a given process

Essential information for assessors

Essential resources

Please see Section 8: Quality assurance for details of resources needed to deliver all units.

Suggested assessment approach

This section must be read in conjunction with Section 6: Assessment.

This unit is assessed internally by the centre and externally verified by Pearson. The table below shows the suggested approach to assessments.

When preparing the assessment for this unit, the learner should be given an assignment brief designed by the tutor. This brief should be set in a specific organisational context. It should draw on learning from the unit and be designed in a way that enables learners to meet all the assessment criteria.

Learning outcome

Suggested assessment approach

A     Understand system procedures used in robot programming

Report on the structure of the system memory.

Flowchart or similar diagram explaining the non- routine procedures.

Demonstration of how to perform a simple non- routine procedure.

B     Investigate the use of WinC5G software

Practical demonstration of use of the WinC5G software.

C     Demonstrate how to create efficient programs

Practical evidence of improving efficiency within a pre-written program, a rewritten program.

D   Use planning and integration skills to produce automated solutions

Creation of a project plan covering resources and timescales.

Implementation of a robot program.

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