A critical evaluation the impact HR analytics can have on Human Resource Management (HRM) and business performance.

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Human Resource Management and Organisational Performance 

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HR analytics contribution to effective Human Resource Management and Organisational Performance

Marks awarded for:

  • A critical evaluation the impact HR analytics can have on Human Resource Management (HRM) and business performance.
  • Discussion on the key factors and challenges of implementing HR analytics within different organisations, including consideration of engineering companies and their workforce’s exploration of the use of HR analytics internationally.
  • Provision of data in the evaluation of HR analytics contribution to HRM and organisational improvement.
  • Application of relevant HR models, theories and literature research.
  • Clear presentation

Relevant Harvard referencing

Assignment Brief:

  • Critically evaluate how HR analytics can contribute to effective Human Resource Management and organisational performance.
  • Critically analyse the key factors and barriers to HR analytics
  • implementation.

1. Introduction - a brief introduction to set the context, background to the assignment. Include academic references to support these points. - Harvard referenced in-text and add to reference section at the end.
2. Main Body of the Assignment -addressing the assignment question/s. Use subheadings to structure/sign post your assignment. 

"Critically evaluate" - you need to show depth with a balanced argument. DON`T spend your assignment describing what HR analytics is, focus on answering the assignment brief.

  • Using your literature research explore how HR analytics can contribute to effective Human Resource Management (HRM) and organisational performance. Critically analyse the key factors and barriers to HR analytics implementation.
  • Can HR analytics help to make HRM more effective?
  • How can HR analytics be beneficial to HRM and to business performance?
  • How does the use of HR analytics fit with some of the HR approaches/models/strategies? - what are the benefits of  HR analytics approach/es/strategy and when does it work successfully?
  • How can HR analytics contribute to workplace outcomes and to organisational outcomes?
  • How is this HR analytics relevant to engineering companies, you may wish to think about the relevant sectors for your programme/course?

Also consider the other side of the HR analytics:

  • What are some of the problems/issues with HR analytics likely to impact HRM?
  • How can HR analytics create issues with organisational performance?
  • What are some of the key factors that different organisations (with consideration of engineering) need to consider when implementing HR analytics?
  • Consider what are the problems/challenges of implementing HR analytics in an organisation and with an engineering workforce.
  • What areas of employee law are particularly relevant to HR analytics? Provide a comparison with the UK and some different international employee laws that are relevant. You may wish to include examples of problems/issues caused by use of HR analytics in the news and/or employment tribunals. Use the Unit 3 information to consider areas that are relevant, other website links for more information and suitable academic literature sources.
  • How does HR analytics vary internationally? What are some international perspectives on how organisations use HR analytics and which aspects are commonly used?
  • Ensure that you integrate academic quality literature to support your points made in your assignment. In literature searches what data (facts and statistics) can you use that explores the impact of HR analytics in relation to  human resource management and organisational performance? Use this data to support the points you are making 

Briefly what are the most salient points when considering HR analytics, provide a summary, possibly with some main recommendations - this should not be  a repeat of points already made.

Reference section
This section needs to be Harvard referenced and ensure that you Harvard reference correctly in the main text too.
The list should be in alphabetical order based on the first authors’ surname (family name). The referencing list needs to match the references you have used in the text of your assignment
Use academic quality literature ONLY (see Assignment guidance documents for more detail in the "Units" section)
Please ensure that all literature sources used in your assessments are of good, credible quality, there are many websites that contain information but that have not academic validity so avoid using them. For example DO NOT USE businesscasestudies.co.uk, generalised blogs, or similar - only use websites that have provenacademic/industry credibility. The weekly subject Units and Reading list provide a great starting place and there are is more guidance on suitable literature sources in the "Assignment guidance and academic writing" section.
At Masters level it is good to to use different sources that considers different perspectives and consider bias in literature, helps you analyse the validity of the information, this further develops your academic writing and encourages an increased level of analysis and evaluation. 

Search terms 
When searching for relevant content there are a variety of terms that can be used. People analytics, HR analytics, human capital analytics are all terms used to describe the practice of applying analysis processes to workforce data to understand workforce-related business issues. Notice as you read good quality content the terminology used and make a note to help you with your literature searches.
Ensure that your assignment does include consideration of engineering environments and both in the UK and international context.

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