7.3 Assess the costs to an organisation of physical accidents (financial; loss of time; reputational damage, protests, complaints and worker welfare issues etc).

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Unit OHS703 Digitalisation and Incident Investigation 

Unit code: J/618/0210
RQF level: 7

Level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management

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Unit Aim
This unit aims to provide learners with the knowledge of digitalisation and risk assessment approaches to various types of hazards.

Learning Outcomes, Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: When awarded credit for this unit, a learner will be able to:


Assessment Criteria: Assessment of this learning outcome will require a learner to demonstrate that they can:

1. Understand the effects of digitalisation on strategic and operational OHS.


Evaluate the impact of digitalisation on occupational safety and health.



Analyse the ways in which advanced robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute to the reduction of risks.


Analyse the way in which advanced robotics and artificial intelligence could be detrimental to workers’ mental health and develop a response that addresses these risks.

2. Implement biohazards risk assessment and control measures in the workplace


Analyse the way in which exposure and context assessment are used in risk management.



Analyse the way in which different workplaces can be protected from infection.



Develop a strategy that is capable of limiting the spread of infection in different workplaces.


Analyse the requirements of a risk communication strategy to prevent the spread of infection.

3. Understand the implementation of ecological risk assessment and control measures.


Analyse the way in which the strategic and management goals of an organisation may be met whilst addressing the impact of industrial activities on an ecosystem.



Develop a realistic risk hypothesis for an organisation’s ecological activities.



Quantify an assessment endpoint for an organisation’s industrial activities.



Evaluate the strategic and operational requirements of an ecological risk assessment that assesses the risks posed by industrial effluent on downstream ecosystems.

4. Implement engineering solutions for ergonomic hazards and control measures.


Analyse the ergonomic risk factors in the workplace and their strategic and operational implications.


Develop practicable ergonomic solutions that address risks in the workplace and their strategic and operational implications.


Quantify the costs and benefits of ergonomic solutions in the workplace.

5. Analyse the requirements of the implementation of risk assessment for biological outbreaks and control measures.


Analyse the requirements of strategic risk and rapid risk assessment for biological outbreaks.


Analyse the requirements of immediate, mid- and long- term control measures to be implemented.


Analyse the factors to be considered for a post- disaster assessment and after-action reviews.

6. Analyse the likely OHSMS failure scenarios for chemical hazards and control measures.


Analyse the OHSMS requirements of process areas and identify likely failure points.


Analyse the suitability and sufficiency of control measures for a process area and develop plans for improvement.

7. Implement an accident causal analysis model for physical hazards.


Identify the cause of an accident through the application of root cause analysis


Develop practicable plans for the avoidance of similar accidents.


Assess the costs to an organisation of physical accidents (financial; loss of time; reputational damage, protests, complaints and worker welfare issues etc).


Quantify the benefits of enhanced safety controls.

Indicative Content

  • Digitalization impact on OHS, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machines, Gaming, Virtual Reality, OHS state of art, Cobots, latest technology in OHS (LO1).
  • Biological hazards, Ecological hazards, physical hazards, chemical hazards, strategic risk assessment, rapid risk assessment, control measures, outbreak, WHO Risk management processes, engineering solution for Ergonomics (LO2 to LO7).

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