5IT05: Network Routing and Switching

5IT05: Network Routing and Switching


Level 5 Diploma in IT - Networking

Qualification No (RQF)


Unit Name

Network Routing and Switching

Unit Reference


No of Credits

20 Credits


Assignment Question

Task 1 – 1000 words

Understand Switching

1.1: Describe what is packet switching and circuit switching and differentiate their functionality under following aspects (1.2, 1.4)

  • Forward transmission
  • Bandwidth wastage and reservation Physical path
  • Data packet transmission

1.2: Describe the following features in managed switches (1.3)

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol Virtual Local Area Networks Redundancy
  • Port Mirroring

1.3: What are the factors you need to consider before you select a switch for an office network? (1.1)

Assessment Criteria

1.1  Evaluate the considerations to be taken into account in the purchase of a switch

1.2  Analyse switching techniques and protocols

1.3  Analyse the features in managed switches

1.4  Analyse the differences between circuit switching and packet switching

Task 2 – 1000 words

Perform Routing

2.1 : Describe the uses, advantages and disadvantages of static routing (2.1)

2.2 : What is inter VLAN routing and describe 3 ways it can be configured (2.1)

2.3 : Describe Static routing and Dynamic routing along with their advantages and disadvantages. What are Distance vector (RIP, IGRP) and Link state (OSPF, IS-IS) protocols (2.2, 2.3)

2.4 : Draw simple illustration examples for Single are multi area OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) protocols. Describe how you enable OSPF instance, configure OSPF area, configure OSPF network in single area OSPF. Describe how you create an area and attach OSPF networks to the area in multi area OSPF (2.4, 2.5, 2.6)

2.5 : Describe how you configure EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing) for IPv4 (2.7)

Assessment Criteria

2.1  Evaluate the considerations to be taken into account in making static and inter-VLAN routing decisions

2.2  Analyse routing techniques and protocols

2.3  Evaluate the considerations to be taken into account in dynamic routing

2.4  Evaluate the considerations to be taken into account in a single and multi-area OSPF

2.5  Set up and configure a single area OSPF to agreed standards

2.6  Configure a multi area OSPF to agreed standards

2.7  Configure a multi area EIGRP to agreed standards


  1. For each of the criteria listed in the first column, circle one box in the corresponding column to the right which best reflects the student’s work on this particular assessment activity (e.g., project, presentation, essay).
  2. Provide specific feedback to a student about each of the criteria scores he/she earned by writing comments and suggestions for improvement in the last row titled “Instructor’s comments.”
  3. To arrive at a mark, total the boxes and divide by 5 to arrive at final mark.

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