3.3 Evaluate techniques for correcting gaps in compliance with a health and safety management system.

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Unit OHS601: Principles of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management and Regulation 

Unit code: RQF
Level: 6

Unit Aims
This unit aims to provide learners with knowledge of the structure and components of a health and safety management system and the way in which health and safety management systems can ensure that businesses are compliant with relevant legislation. They will also understand the monitoring and measurement of health and safety performance and environmental management.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: When awarded credit for this unit, a learner will:

Assessment Criteria: Assessment of this learning outcome will require a learner to demonstrate that they can:

1. Understand the principles of occupational health and safety.

1.1 Evaluate the components and functioning of an occupational health and safety system.

1.2 Analyse ways in which weaknesses that may result in inadequate or inefficient risk control of an occupational health and safety system can be identified.

1.3 Analyse ways in which health, safety and environmental goals, targets, objectives, plans and procedures can be developed that support occupational health and safety strategic initiatives and meet policy objectives.

1.4 Analyse cost-effective actions that will improve a safety management system.

2. Understand the regulation of occupational health and safety.

2.1 Analyse the requirements of legislation and the enforcement regime.

2.2 Evaluate the extent to which an organisation complies with regulatory requirements, organisational requirements and industry best practice.

3. Understand health and safety monitoring and performance measurement.

3.1 Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of proactive and reactive performance indicators that track progress in achieving health and safety objectives.

3.2 Analyse the characteristics of effective health and safety performance indicators.


3.3 Evaluate techniques for correcting gaps in compliance with a health and safety management system.

3.4 Evaluate the adequacy of an organisation’s health and safety management system for short- and long- term strategic safety planning and development.

4. Understand Environmental Management Systems (EMS) including waste management.

4.1 Evaluate the effectiveness of an Environmental Management System.

4.2 Quantify the nature and potential impact of strengths and weaknesses in an Environmental Management System.

4.3 Analyse the characteristics of plans and procedures that meet environmental policy objectives and targets.

4.4 Analyse ways in which cost-effective recommendations can be made that are capable of improving an Environmental Management System.

Indicative Content

  • Components: plan, do, check, act; policy; roles and responsibilities of H&S personnel; the business case for health and safety (H&S) management; H&S business models; occupational safety and health (OSH) management in high risk workplace environments (LO1)
  • H&S legislation and regulation; criminal and common law and their implications for H&S; role and powers of regulatory bodies; typical organizational requirements; industry best practice, codes of practice and industry guidance; interface with regulatory bodies; purpose of liaison with internal and external business partners (LO2)
  • H&S monitoring; performance measurement; proactive and reactive monitoring; trend analysis; Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); internal and external auditing and management review, workplace inspections; links to long-term strategic safety planning and development (LO3)
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS): Environmental legislation; hierarchy of management controls; aspects and impact register; pollution controls; waste management hierarchy (LO4)

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