3. Be able to participate in the project management and code sharing process (Agile/ SCRUM/ version control)

Using Digital Tools to Contribute to Team Projects



Credit Value:




Unit Number:


Unit Aim:

This unit aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to be able to make valid and effective contributions to the work of a software solution development team.

This unit has 3 learning outcomes.

1 Understand how software is used and the problems that it can solve.
1.1 Describe a range of scenarios for the development of a software solution (app, web platform, embedded system, etc)
1.2 Identify potential software solutions to a range of real life problems (health systems, monitoring systems, sales systems, etc)
1.1 Make clear, reasoned contributions to project ideas, based on known scenarios.
D(1) Contribute innovative independent ideas and code to a project.





The learner will:

The learner can:

In addition to the pass criteria, the learner can:

In addition to the pass and merit criteria, the learner can:

2    Be able to take on a role within a software team.

        Describe software team roles (e.g. product owner, solutions architect, lead developer, developers, designers, testers, data analysts)

        Adopt a

designer/developer/tester role within a project team.

      Use common tools for communication within the team (Slack, Trello, etc)

2.1 Make clear, reasoned, contributions to team discussions.


3    Be able to participate in the project management and code sharing process (Agile/ SCRUM/ version control)

        Use a Git-based version control system to contribute to a shared code base.

        Contribute to planning, reflecting and managing own work.

      Respond to a code review with questions and confirmation of changes to code.




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