1.3 Optimize the operating system environment to the required standard

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Unit 4IT03: PC Maintenance and Operating Systems 

Unit code: Y/617/6694 RQF
Level: 4

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Unit Aims
This unit aims to provide knowledge of personal computer hardware. Successful completion of this unit will enable learners to install a computer system unit and operating system and conduct troubleshooting. The unit provides the essential knowledge of computer hardware, the software needed to make a hardware work, the components of the hardware and the technologies and principles that support the components. In addition to this knowledge, learners will be able to assemble computer hardware to build a full set PC, understand how to install the operation system and how to conduct troubleshooting in faulty hardware.

This unit also aims to provide the basic concepts about operating systems and to be able to install, configure and operate two commonly used operating systems. It includes an overview of Windows and Linux operating systems, the installation and configuration of these systems; the use of proper file systems; managing groups and users; installing and uninstalling applications on these two operating systems; operating basic command-line environment; manipulating simple files and printer-sharing.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: To achieve this unit, the learner must be able to:

Assessment Criteria: Assessment of these outcomes demonstrates the learner can:

1. Understand a range of operating systems

1.1 Analyse the functionalities of PC hardware
1.2 Install and commission a working personal computer to the required standard
1.3 Optimize the operating system environment to the required standard
1.4 Conduct troubleshooting to identify and solve common PC problems

2. Understand Windows and Linux operating systems

2.1 Analyse the usage and role of an operating system
2.2 Establish a disc operating environment that is appropriate to the required functionality
2.3 Configure the Windows and Linux operating systems to the required standard
2.4 Use common utilities and programs in the Windows and Linux operating systems correctly to configure file systems and to manage users and groups

Indicative Content

  • PC hardware components and software requirements
  • The operating system
  • PC repair
  • Form factors and power supplies
  • Processor and chipsets
  • Motherboard
  • Memory
  • Hard drives v fixed drives
  • Input/output devices
  • Multimedia devices and mass storage
  • Installing and maintaining operation systems (Windows)
  • Supporting and troubleshooting operation systems
  • Functions, types and features of operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows
  • File and printer sharing
  • Distribution, strengths and weaknesses of Linux, open sources and GPL
  • Installation of Linux
  • Operation of Linus
  • Using applications in Linux
  • Types of shell and fundamental shell command

Recommended Text
Wilson K (2018), Computer Hardware: The Illustrated Guide to Understanding Computer Hardware (Computer Fundamentals), Illuminated Press
Tanenbaum AS (2016), Modern Operating Systems, Pearson, India Mueller S (2015) Upgrading and repairing PCs, 22nd Edition, Pearson India

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