1.1 Analyse the components / structure of ASP.NET

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5IT03 C#.NET Programming 

Level 5 Diploma in IT-Web Design

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Level 5 Diploma in IT-Web Design

Qualification No (RQF)


Unit Name

C#.NET Programming

Unit Reference


No of Credits

20 Credits

Assignment Question
Task 1 – 1000 words

Understand the use of ASP.NET

1.1  What’s the role of the components below? Describe using examples. (1.1)

  1. Directives
  2. Code Declaration Blocks
  3. ASP.NET Controls
  4. Code Render Blocks
  5. Server-Side Comments
  6. Server-Side Include Directives
  7. Literal Text and HTML Tags

1.2   Compare ASP.NET with another web development technology in below vertices (1.2)

  1. Coding time
  2. Security
  3. Framework
  4. Monitoring
  5. Complexity
  6. Performance
  7. Control over HTML.
  8. SEO

1.3  Describe the uses of following validation controls (1.3)

  1. Required Field Validator
  2. Range Validator
  3. Compare Validator
  4. Regular Expression Validator
  5. Custom Validator
  6. Validation Summary

Assessment Criteria
1.1  Analyse the components / structure of ASP.NET
1.2  Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using ASP.NET compared with other web development models
1.3  Analyse the advantages of using validators

Task 2 – 1000 words

Design web applications using ASP.NET and ADO.NET
2.1: You are required to develop a web based solution for your organization to manage employee information. Using ASP.NET and ADO.NET develop the following functionalities.

  1. Attractive web interface where each department can customize their theme accordingly (2.1)
  2. Assuming logins are already stored in the database, a login page for admins to login in each department (2.3)
  3. Enter employee ID and view employee information within the same page (2.2,2.3)
  4. Update and save employee information
  5. Mobile friendly (2.1)

Assessment Criteria
2.1  Use styles, themes and master pages to create an attractive and easily navigable web applications
2.2  Display dynamic data from a relational database by using ADO.NET and data binding through different languages including C#
2.3  Create a web page that uses client side navigation, client side browser redirect, cross page posting and server side transfer that meets the brief


  1. For each of the criteria listed in the first column, circle one box in the corresponding column to the right which best reflects the student’s work on this particular assessment activity (e.g., project, presentation, essay).
  2. Provide specific feedback to a student about each of the criteria scores he/she earned by writing comments and suggestions for improvement in the last row titled “Instructor’s comments.”
  3. To arrive at a mark, total the boxes and divide by 5 to arrive at final mark.

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